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The wife revokes the alibi: the serial killer kidnapped probably at nine years old

Since 2008, Michel Fourniret has been imprisoned in France as a convicted serial killer. Now, his ex-wife and assistant at that time is moving into another case: the abduction and death of nine-year-old girl Estelle Mouzin could be explained 16 years after her disappearance.

More than 16 years after the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl, the French serial killer Michel Fourniret has been accused of "abduction and deprivation of liberty". According to the Paris judiciary, investigating judge Sabine Khéris, responsible for the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin, accused Fournira of 77 years after a simple three-hour interrogation. A few days earlier, his ex-wife Fournirets, Monique Olivier, had revoked her husband's alibi.

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<p class=Fourniret's car may have been seen near the abduction site.

(Photo: picture-alliance / dpa)

It is not clear if the convicted murderer confessed his involvement in the disappearance of the girl. His lawyers didn't want to comment. Fourniret had always claimed to have nothing to do with the Estelle Mouzin case. She disappeared on January 9, 2003 in Guermantes, in Greater Paris, on her way back from school. His body was never found, and numerous traces investigated by investigators led to nothing.

Fourniret had testified that he had been at his home in the Belgian city of Sart-Custinne that day. As an alibi, he was referring to a phone call: he had called from home with his son to congratulate him on his birthday. The son did not take the phone, but the call could be proven.

Fourniret revives the same speculation

Last Thursday, Fourniret's ex-wife told the judge she had made the call at her husband's request. "This means that Michel Fourniret was not in Sart-Custinne on the day of the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin, he was elsewhere," said former prosecutor Richard Delgenes.

In the case of Estelle Mouzin, the police had been investigated for the first time in 2006 against Fourniret, after a photo of her was found on her computer. Also, at the scene of the kidnapping a white van had been seen, which resembled the Fournirets machine. But in 2007 Fourniret was relieved. Examining thousands of hairs from Fourniret's car, no traces of the girl's DNA were found six years later.

Speculation about his involvement was picked up by the Fourniret hearing in 2018, which involved two more murders in 1988 and 1990. At the time, Fourniret told Judge Kherís that the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin was an argument to investigate and suggested that he felt "nauseated" in the matter. These statements were considered by Estelle Mouzin's parents' lawyer as "indirect confession".

Fourniret is serving a life sentence in France. According to the sentences of 2018 and 2008, he raped and killed at least eight women and girls. In France, it is nicknamed "the orc of the Ardennes". His ex-wife helped him with the "virgins hunt" and was also sentenced to life imprisonment.