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Who is it? The quiz candidates do not recognize Tom Hanks

Okay, you really don't have to recognize every soap or movie actor B. But Tom Hanks ?! The candidates for a quiz in the United States actually had no idea who they were seeing. No one can understand it, even Hanks does not say: "Do you want to hug me?", He eludes him.

Tom Hanks is without doubt one of the most important actors of our time. He starred in countless successes – from Philadelphia to Forrest Gump to soldier James Ryan and Cast Away. Twice he has already passed the Oscar. And with "The Wonderful Mr. Rogers" he will be back on the screen soon.

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To carry out the commercial for this film, Hanks visited the American show entertainer Jimmy Kimmel on Monday evening. There, however, the 63-year-old not only chatted about his new series, the moderator Kimmel also compared it to the recording of an American quiz, which had become viral in the last few days, but apparently Hanks has passed.

Woody Harrelson? Mahershala Ali?

In the American edition of the "Jeopardy!" Council, also known in this country and currently presented on RTLplus by Joachim Llambi, the quizmaster showed the candidates a part of the new Hanks movie. The lapidary question, "Jeopardy!" – typically sought after, was "who is Tom Hanks?" But the three participants in the show remained rooted on the spot. Neither apparently recognized the Hollywood star, which was not masked or otherwise rendered unrecognizable in the movie.

"Do you want to hug me?" Hanks exclaimed, after Kimmel had played the clipping. "Didn't you even get a false suggestion?" He continued with amusement and gave two of his tips with his fellow actors Woody Harelson and Mahershala Ali. "What was the name of the category? Fatal career choices for $ 800? Bad casting for $ 1000?" He joked Hanks. But the bad cast was probably just the "Jeopardy!" – The candidates.