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Bettelhorror brilliant remedy for Christmas: a photo for Santa Claus

More than 50,000 times, the Facebook post was shared by a Washington American. The mother of three has hit the nail to the head with a tip that makes shopping in the period before Christmas bearable again and probably solved a problem that many parents know. In the pre-Christmas period, the quengelzonen in the shops felt throughout the store. Parents who want to buy only a few groceries need much more time because their children constantly discover something they absolutely must have on their way through the corridors. Endless discussions and occasional whims make every single supermarket visit an ordeal – until about a week ago Kristina Watts published her solution to this problem.

Watts' daughter, Emerson, is at the age where (many) children still believe in Santa Claus. However, it is also the time of the challenge and the tantrums that Watts published on his Facebook post collapses calls, breakdowns. "Once upon a time my camera is full of photos of Emerson in every single part he wants for Christmas, why?" She Writes. "Because it's the best hack ever for parents that prevented MANY failures."

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So the hope remains that desire can be satisfied

Watts first says his daughter "just wants to have everything she sees in the worst moment of the year". Of course, he would prefer to have children who do not succumb to the terror of consumers, Watts writes, but it is not. And that's why he finds a trick that works. The leaves are not disappointed, angry child, but they ensure extremely cheerful images: for Santa, who shows her a picture, what they would like to have at Christmas, Emerson shines in the camera. Watts moderates the situation by stopping and says, "Let's take a picture with it and send it to Santa so he knows you want it."

"As if by magic, Emmie smiles," his mother writes, "he says cheese, asks to see the photo, then puts the toy back and continues. "No tears, no anger, and after a few minutes everything is forgotten, no matter how obvious." Watts advises all her friends to try it. However, with the tip she has reached more people than they know personally.