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Bowers & Wilkins PX 7 in the test: as in the rehearsal room

Now you can see headphones with noise suppression everywhere in everyday life. In the past, expensive gadgets were usually found only in the carry-on baggage of frequent travelers, but today it is possible to see someone in each subway, at least isolating themselves acoustically from the outside world – by listening to music or watching a movie on their cell phones.

With the PX7, the British company Bowers & Wilkins has now launched a pair of headphones only for these users: optionally wired or wireless, with sensors that notice when you take it off and with a battery life of up to 30 hours is specified. Above all, however, the producer promises "music always at the highest levels", which is an exceptional sound.

It must, after all, Bowers & Wilkins break with its products rather in the upper price segment and can pay its speakers with some five-figure sums. Fortunately, the PX7 isn't that expensive, but it's not that cheap.

Like in the rehearsal room

The sound of noble headphones is characterized by an unusually plastic spatiality. For example, "Anything & # 39; Cept the Truth" by the Eagles of Death Metal means to listen to the rhythms of bass drum that are reflected on the wall in front of the drums, "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" by Beverly Knight focuses on bass and drums a lot pressure, while the guitars furrow left and right and the voice is crystal clear above everything.

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Headphones with noise cancellation in the test:
This is the Bowers & Wilkins PX 7

For example, the PX shows that it can also play bass in the introduction of Florence and the Machine's "St. Jude", in which an ultra-deep bass drum pulsates far behind in the mix, but clearly evident. During the recording of my band, I felt like I was in the rehearsal room. Overall, the sound character tends to get into the heat of the water, so you may want to wear headphones over long distances.

Almost always automatic

Anyway, I did it on a flight to the United States and back. The noise suppression did a good job, the engine drone for me largely silenced. It didn't seem as effective as the Bose 700, but perfectly adequate. Especially when listening to music, there is no trace of the outside world.

This impression was confirmed even more when driving with the U and S-Bahn of Hamburg. The shield works so well that you have to be careful not to lose your stop. The intensity of noise reduction can be controlled via app or via a button. In general, it is possible to activate the automatic, only on the plane I found the "High" setting to be effective.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphones with adaptive noise elimination – Sidereal gray


Bowers & Wilkins


€ 399.62

Just like many other headphones, I consider the option of transmitting external sounds to the ears at the touch of a button that is not very practical. To hear an announcement on the plane, it may still be appropriate. But at the latest, if a flight attendant asks you if you prefer to eat chicken or pasta, I prefer the earpiece quickly, just as a courtesy. The music or movie currently running will still be automatically paused.

Errors in the operation

The PX7 is also comfortable on the head and ears. The soft leather-clad pavilions are so wrapped around my ears that they don't bother me despite the straps on my reading glasses. The use of carbon fiber composite materials for the hook, but in my opinion, mainly for optical reasons, the PX7 has not become particularly easy.

And I also find it particularly easy to control it through external controls. The three buttons for music and call control are difficult to distinguish with your fingertips. Only the power button and the noise canceling button on the left earpiece are intuitive to use.


Advantages and disadvantages

Very good sound

Good noise cancellation

Good comfort

Small intuitive key operation

High price

Headphones are a matter of taste – and with the PX7, the British audio producer Bowers & Wilkins impressed my taste quite well. Comfort is good, the noise shield very clean and the sound exceptional. The only thing that bothers me next to the fluttering control buttons is the price: with 400 euros, the PX7 is the manufacturer on the price list, unfortunately the special offers are hard to find. Equivalent competitors like the Sony WH-1000 XM3 or Bose Headphones 700 are now available for less than 300 euros and the excellent Sennheiser Momentum 3 sound costs at least no more than the PX7.

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