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Cyber ​​Monday: Where are the best offers of bitcoin and crypto?

Today is the cyber Monday. On this day, you can benefit from significant discounts at different online providers. Where does this day come from and are there any good deals for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies?

What is cyber Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday was introduced in response to Black Friday. So, even online providers can expect a rush to their products. Cyber ​​Monday is always on Monday after Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.

These two days of shopping ring during the Christmas season and looking for gifts for many of them. In the beginning, only American companies participated in these days, and this trend is now also visible in Europe. The crypto scene also mixes with Cyber ​​Monday.

Cheap hardware wallets

Today, many material portfolios are available. If you have one for a long time, you can go on strike today. With a hardware portfolio, you can easily and securely manage your cryptographic currency. The prices of the portfolios vary considerably, but a day like today, you can potentially save a lot.

Five dollars for a wallet Keepkey

Shapeshift has an agreementthis surprises one. The provider only costs $ 5 to a Keepkey hardware portfolio. In addition to this, shipping costs still have to be paid, which must be paid for the journey from the United States to Europe.

30 percent off a wallet or trezor

Also with the French supplier big Book There is a good offer. The Ledger Nano S or the new Ledger Nano X offers a 30% discount.

Not only Ledger brand with cheap offers. Also at trezor You get 30% off. In addition, you do not pay any shipping costs if you reside in the EU.

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