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Every day 40 abused children: Giffey forms a rapid reaction force

According to crime statistics, 40 children are sexually abused every day in Germany. Family secretary Giffey is now asking for a "National Council" to reduce workloads. The minister promises results and doesn't waste any more time wasting time.

Experts fear that currently one or two children in each school class in Germany will be abused. Therefore, a "National Council" under the leadership of the Federal Minister of the Family Franziska Giffey to combat sexual violence against children is more effective. The panel met in Berlin for its first meeting. The federal government rapist, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, is hoping for a "noticeable decline in cases of abuse, which can no longer be tolerated," Rörig said.

In addition to President Giffey, over 40 scientists, representatives of children's and youth associations and interested parties attended the constitutive meeting. For the "National Council" Giffey and Rörig have jointly selected actors who "are responsible for the help of girls and boys both in institutional and in justice and investigations". These include church representatives, the German Olympic Sports Confederation, the Ministerial Conference on Education or Youth Work.

"Unfortunately, we have not seen any decline in the number of cases," Rörig said. In the field of child pornography, the number of cases in the last five years has even increased by 50%. "We know that there is a very large number of unreported cases – the pressure is therefore enormous", said the commissioner for matters relating to the sexual abuse of minors.

Legal procedure without retraumatization

By the summer of 2021, the Federal Minister for Family Affairs wants to create more effective protection measures and improve emergency aid through better coordination of the Youth Assistance Office, the police and the doctors. Furthermore, it should be prevented by careful judicial proceedings that children and adolescents who must testify in a procedure, not "retraumatisiert", said Giffey. The "National Council" is not "another great tour, in which time is consumed", but should actually produce results.

In Germany, on average 40 children are sexually abused every day. According to police crime statistics, the number in 2018 increased by six percent. In total, around 14,500 children have been affected by sexual violence. In general, the number of abuses is at a consistent level. Although the rate of sexual assault is relatively high at 80%, since the perpetrators come mainly from the social environment of their victims, the willingness to file a complaint is less.