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In case of prepared cases

You do not want it, but it happens every day many times: emergency services have to move to provide people with serious health problems. Of course, when such an emergency occurs at home, there is usually great excitement and loved ones are often unable to call or immediately collect any relevant health data from the patient. Questions about drugs, blood type, vaccinations, drug intolerance, etc. are therefore difficult to clarify for emergency services.

At that time, a small tin can can be of great help: the emergency box. It contains a leaflet with all important information about people living in the household.

All the data stored in the box are of course freely determined by its owner. For example, information on health, allergies, medications, contacts, people to inform and other important information is common.

The emergency box is clearly visible in the refrigerator door and can be found quickly and safely. From the outside, a sticker indicates that the emergency box is in the refrigerator. A sticker is also clearly visible inside the front door.

Even outside the missions of the emergency medical service or doctors, the emergency box fulfills its duty, for example when people in need of care need social information. Mayor David Langner and the President of the German Red Cross of Koblenz, Leo Biewer, also believe that urgency can be a good idea. The two have now looked together in the town hall of the city of Koblenz, where the emergency box is now available for purchase.

"Small boxes can have a big impact in case of emergency – at least as far as health information is concerned, it can make things easier for themselves and the potential assistants in case of emergency", says OB David Langner, convinced of the emergency device. DRK Koblenz President Leo Biewer said: "Our ambulance service is very impressed by the emergency container, everyone has an advantage, because if the information is kept up to date, it makes our work easier. for our employees, which in turn can contribute to more targeted care for the patient on the spot. "The emergency is in the information center of the Bürgeramt, in the Gymnasialstraße 6 hours, in the usual opening hours, available at the price of two euros.

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