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Intercultural psychotherapy: how Lena helps migrants to be happy in Germany – to feel

"Inclusion" – know this word
many in particular linked to the school: children with and without disabilities
learn here together. The inclusion is not somehow integration, but
works differently. Many people know it too. But how exactly an inclusive aspect appears
Company actually out and what can I do for myself, that them
to be successful?

The inclusion concerns people
equivalent and offer them the same opportunities and opportunities.
"Of course!", You might think now. Unfortunately
not yet. Our everyday world is full of barriers and exclusion: people
with disabilities are often overlooked. We have some things for you
put together, with whom you can help, a fair and inclusive treatment
To shape society.

And what
can i do it now

Mental changes: think differently

Maybe you don't know people
Disability or you have for other reasons never with the topic
apart from. Thus, the highest railway. For example, you knew
that about eight million people with severe disabilities live in Germany?
This means that almost every tenth person has a severe disability. So considered
It seems rather strange not to include them and let them participate.

Moreover, the topic is not just about all of us
because social issues basically concern everyone. But also because
You don't know if you or your family have been hit
Sara. Since only 2-4 percent of all disabilities are innate,
about one percent is caused by an accident and by far the largest share
it is caused by a disease, more than 40 percent of them
Cases still of working age between 15 and 65 years. Therefore: include the inclusion
your topic.

2.) Disabled
not in addition

A lowered sidewalk has for one
People without disabilities are of little importance. Of course, if you go by bike, with that
The car or even the stroller are on the road, they are already useful. but
they don't really depend on it. It looks different though
for example with a wheelchair or a walker and even alone
is coming. Therefore, it is crucial for many people that these bodies
do not be blocked, for example from parked cars. It only costs you
Once again drive around the block, for your kind means
but a great break in their freedom. And not just parking
very little time in the disabled parking, if it is not yours.


The person in front of you at the box office needs eternal,
put his purchases in his rollator? Show understanding for
People who may not be faster. It is not always one
Obvious obstruction. Unsolicited help is also rather inappropriate. when
you feel that someone might need help or someone could also
Look around, ask, but accept a "no". only
because someone can't do something fast or perfect, the person doesn't take it
the right to do it yourself.

The first step to understanding is knowledge
build. You can do it in a conversation with people who are themselves affected,
but you can also learn a lot about it on the Internet, for example
Activists Raul Krauthausen, YouTuberin Fabiana Kühl (Ypsilon), performance artist Kübra
Sekin, blogger Ninia
LaGrande, the author Laura Gehlhaar, comedian Tan Caglar or anyone else on social networks
those who work for inclusion follow. And if you feel like it, you can do yours
Knowledge of the daily challenges of people with disabilities
to test this quiz.

To the quiz

4.) Actively engage in an inclusive society

Of course, there are many things you don't do
can influence directly. But on closer inspection, you can do a lot
move. Your Stammcafé is already quite accessible, but it is missing
the last step? Perhaps you can hire staff for a mobile ramp
or inspire a card in braille. Or maybe it already is
without barriers, but this does not communicate on the website – a small one
Suggestions from you could change it.

Also, you can stand against structural
Discrimination: it is, for example, barriers in the public space or inside
Mobility: make yourself stronger by signing petitions or in
direct dialogue with the managers, because there is still much to do here
Doing work. The 29 year-old performer Kübra Sekin, who works in
The wheelchair is sitting here, above all, it wants solidarity from people without it
Disability: "Working against prejudice is thanks to social media
how YouTube has become easier, but on structural discrimination
we need every single item ".

5.) Make new experiences that also enrich your life

Taking part is fun and enriches your life. come inside
Contact the people who give you new impulses and then expand yours
Horizon. You will know completely new perspectives that your point of view on
It can change lives. Less barriers and more tolerance benefit everyone
improve coexistence in society.