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So many young Muslims in Vienna have a problem with homosexuals

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A new survey of the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) on the attitudes of young Muslims in Vienna has given rise to discussions. Degrading attitudes are common among Muslim youths born in immigration – this also applies to their views on homosexuality.

The personal environment and length of stay have a great influence on basic attitudes

On behalf of the ÖIF were in Vienna young people
Afghans, Syrians, Chechens, Kurds, Turks and
Origin of Bosnian migration and young people without migration origin.
The objective: to know democratic attitudes as well as pejorative behaviors and
acquire legitimizing attitudes among young people.

The results show that an interaction of
Family, social environment, current mental state and strong
Orientation to Islam has an influence on derogatory attitudes. with
However, as the length of stay increases, anti-democratic attitudes,
stresses the study.

Homosexuality is a problem in two out of two Syrian and Afghan Syrian Turks and Chechens

The attitude of many respondents about homosexuality is debatable. Homosexuality is rejected by half of young Afghans and Syrians and by four in ten adolescents of Chechen or Turkish origin. Even for a third of young people of Kurdish or Bosnian origin, homosexuality is "never acceptable".

However, homosexuality is "still acceptable" for about half of young people of Kurdish or Bosnian origin and for three quarters of young people with no migration background.

Chechens in particular have become more religious in recent years

These figures also reflect the value of religion in young people's lives: young Afghans (72%) and those from Syria and Chechnya (69%) show that the religious orientation is the strongest. In particular, Chechen teenagers claim to have become more religious in the last three years.

The survey "Young Muslims
in Vienna. Affiliations, attitudes and devaluations "was commissioned by the ÖIF
research institutes think.difference and SORA under the direction of
Kenan Güngör created. A quantitative survey of over
700 young people from Vienna.