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by Johannes Freytag, Good king News

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Congratulations to the professionals of Eintracht for the second consecutive victory.

The third division of football, Eintracht Braunschweig, celebrated a victory in the second match with new coach Marco Antwerpen. Niedersachsen sat on Monday night with 3: 1 (2: 0) against FSV Zwickau. Marcel Baer, ​​Martin Kobylanski and Robin Becker competed in a long and superior race for the BTSV, Zwickauer Tor scored Ronny Koenig. Thanks to the trio, the Braunschweiger climbed to third place, only the difference in goals worse separates him from Halleschen FC, second. Leader Duisburg has three points in advance. "We entered the game with a lot of momentum, that's exactly what we had planned to do and, overall, we can be satisfied and have scored some important points," said Antwerp after the match .

Bär and Kobylanski put the BTSV on the right path

The BTSV coach replaced Robin Ziegele, a flu patient, and Benjamin Kessel, locked in yellow, by Kevin Goden and Felix Burmeister. In addition, Danilo Wiebe and the double goalkeeper won the 2-1 victory against Chemnitz, Mike Feigenspan, in the starting lineup.

17.Spieltag, 02.12.2019 19:00 clock

Eintracht Braunschweig takes third place | Good king News - Sports 2



Eintracht Braunschweig takes third place | Good king News - Sports 3

FSV Zwickau



Fejzic – Goden, R. Becker, Burmeister, Kijewski – Kobylanski (72nd Otto), Nehrig, Wiebe – Bär (82nd Pfitzner), Proschwitz, a piece of fig (67th Putaro)

FSV Zwickau:
Brinkies – Godinho, Handke, Frick, Miatke – Schröter (82nd Jäpel), Reinhardt, L. Jensen (63rd Hehne), Viteritti – E. Huth (63rd Wegkamp), R. König


More data on the game

The local team started as if she wanted to shoot Zwickau at full speed from the stadium. Nick Proschwitz (4th), Nico Kijewski (5th) and Kobylanski (6th) were already in the opening minutes of significant opportunities. After only 15 minutes, the guests were able to free themselves from the constant pressure and appeared in front of BTSV goaltender Jasmin Fejzic's case, but they did not manage to win. by Elias Huth.

Eintracht continued to dominate the match, rewarding him with an offensive fire on 27 minutes: a center in the center of Proschwitz allowed Bär to complete the 1-0 goal. Just two minutes later, the striker sprinted into a Zwickauer Fehlpass, pushed the ball into the area, a small unorthodox center, pushed Kobylanski to 2: 0 (29). Feigenspan tried again with a direct win, but shot the goal (34.). After that, the Braunschweigers had the task a little easier, without putting themselves seriously in danger on the defensive.

Becker meets, but Zwickau makes the excitement again

Three minutes were not played in the second round, the appendix of Braunschweiger again screaming his goal on the lips. But Goden passed the ball beyond the empty goal after a nice center of Fig Fig. (48). But the 3: 0 was only delayed for a few minutes. Kobylanski gave a sensual free kick into the box, Becker rushed past and hit the leather under the bar (56.). After a good hour, the game seemed decided. The guests from Zwickau played too harmlessly, Braunschweig's defense was barely required.

Out of nowhere, the FSV arrived at his door. Gerrit Wegkamp gave Brinkies a big push to cross King. The attacker gave Fejzic no chance to defend himself (67.). Four minutes later, the ball came back into Brunswick's net and hit the king again – but came offside, the door did not count (71). But the sovereignty of the guests had suddenly disappeared. Zwickau urged, bought the blue and yellow by the aggressive dueling force leadership of the cut. But it was not enough, Fejzic held against Wegkamp (86) and Christopher Handtke (90. + 1), the victory finally earned 3-1 for Braunschweig.

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