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Evelyn Burdecki reveals that she was previously harassed

Evelyn Burdecki is known for her confused and cheerful nature. In an interview on sexual harassment, however, the reigning queen of the jungle beats serious series. Furthermore, since he had personal experiences, as she says: "Sometimes I was seized by the Po", explains Burdecki, among others, and he finds: "It is not possible, because I am a woman, I have values ​​and that is that you do not. "

This is also a reason why it is increasingly avoiding the public. "Unfortunately, I also avoid more and more such nights, where I go in the crowd and go with friends to have a drink, even though I love it and have often done it in the past", declared the former candidate "Bachelor" – and "Bachelor in Paradise",

Evelyn Burdecki is shocked by the justifications of men

Not only was the 31-year-old audience already harassed. Also on Instagram he regularly receives photos of unwanted penalties. If he sends men by message to the speech, he would usually not apologize. This silly Evelyn Burdecki, while saying: "& # 39; Oh Evelyn, you have the neckline, the skirt and the red lips. & # 39; But I do it for me because I think it is great, because it does not give people or men the right to send me these photos, "he explains. He doesn't want to be put in a drawer just because he's a woman, he says.

On Instagram, the 31-year-old still reveals herself freely. After all, it's his body. Some users continue to take pictures of bathtubs or similar as an opportunity to make annoying comments. "Enter with a shower gel and tenderly wash your back", is written under the post. It's no wonder that Evelyn Burdecki is taking a break from dating and has had enough of some men.