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Mainz – Frankfurt 2: 1: "Piss off!" Rode insulted by its fans – Bundesliga

Eklat before the Derby Mainz against Frankfurt (2: 1)!

Some Frankfurt fans burned Pyro massively before the evening match. Several rockets flew into the field. The kick-off was delayed, referee Manuel Gräfe first asked the teams to return to the cabins.

So the scene, which shows how far the fans in revolt have already moved away from football and its players: Frankfurt's replacement captain Sebastian Rode (29) goes into the curve, wants to talk to the fans – without success. On his return, the TV microphones, as he says to the assistant referee Guido Kleve on his visit to the curve: "You told me yourself: & # 39; fuck you & # 39 ;!"

Frankfurt-Zündler insult their players

After eleven minutes played, the stadium announcer announces that due to Pyros the net must be pulled behind the door. The fans are therefore no longer protected by the balls that are approaching or exceeding the goal. In particular, families warn the presenter of the stage of his micro …

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = ", w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Waiting for the start of the Mainz game against Frankfurt "data-zoom-title =" Waiting for the start of the Mainz game against Frankfurt

Photo: Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

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Waiting for the kick to start the game Mainz against FrankfurtPhoto: Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

Fans of Frankfurt protested to each other. with various actions against Monday's matches, he announced 15:30 minutes of silence during the match – the symbol of football starting Saturday, 15:30.

Axel Hellmann, CEO of Eintracht: "It hurts Eintracht Frankfurt very much!"

Football is still played. The Frankfurt Hinteregger takes a corner kick for 1-0 (34 & # 39;). But then Kohr flies to the emergency brake against Öztunali from the square (44.). Too much for harmony! St. Just pulls on goal, since only Onisiwo arrives on the ball and Hinteregger inserts his own goal (51.). A shot from Szalai from the penalty area transforms the game (69.).

Danny da Costa (26) in "DAZN": "Playing a complete first half time is not so easy. We cashed in the compensation then by chance. We can also better defend the second goal".

Hinteregger: "Mainz had no idea of ​​the game until the red card. We pass a shot that is not even dangerous 1: 1."

Second win in the second match for new coach Achim Beierlorzer!

Beierlorzer: "Six points in two games, that's what we dreamed. We made 312 sprints, it's fantastic."

Szalai: "We are very happy with the three points. In the end, we didn't play smart, he could have turned himself upside down. It was a working victory that will give us great strength".

Onisiwo: "Beierlorzer has added new impetus".