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News from Germany: motorists have ruined the snow for the Ski World Cup

Klingenthal: motorists have destroyed the artificial snow deposit

Two weeks before the world ski jumping championships in Klingenthal (Saxony), an obviously adventurous motorist broke out on the artificial snow produced specifically for the sporting event. As reported by the "Freie Presse" Chemnitz, the stranger plowed the precious white in a parking lot in Mühlleithen. According to a spokesman for the VSC Klingenthal, organizer of the Ski Jumping World Cup on December 14 and 15, the work was destroyed by a "seemingly brainless motorist". As a result, artificial snow has mixed up with the car park split and is no longer usable for competition in the Vogtland Arena. They will try to identify the culprits and bring them to justice, according to the newspaper the club.

source: "Free press"

Cologne: the man flees to traffic control and subsequently jumps from the roof

A 31-year-old motorist fled to Brühl near Cologne during a traffic check and jumped a little later from the roof of a four-story apartment building in the depths. The man was seriously injured in the Sunday evening incident, as announced by the Cologne police on Monday. A rescue helicopter took him to a clinic.

Thus, in the control of police traffic, the man could not identify himself, even though he spoke only a very broken German. While checking the specified personal details, he fled. His colleague was stuck in the car and later tried to help the police as an interpreter.

The officials later discovered the 31-year-old apparently very angry on the roof of the building. Even before the paramedics and ambulance arrived on the scene, the 31-year-old jumped from the roof. The police set up an investigative commission to clarify the context of the accident

source: AFP

Wiesbaden: thieves capture homemade Christmas

The burglars of the Hesse have made a big haul: as the Wiesbaden police announced on Monday, strangers on the weekend forcibly entered a residential building in Mengerskirchen in Limburg and captured close to 50 euros in cash two Homemade Christstollen.

It was not clear if anything else had been stolen at first. The police asked possible witnesses to get in touch.

source: AFP

Gelsenkirchen: Checkered Schwarzfahrer sprinkled with mother's milk

When he wanted to find out his personal details, a 31-year-old girl in Gelsenkirchen sprayed a ticket inspector with mother's milk. According to the police, the inspector captured the woman and her partner on a tram without a valid ticket and told them to get off at the next stop. While trying to establish the identity of the young mother, Essene discovered her breast and sketched the man with breast milk. Even against the alarmed police, the woman resisted calling his name. The officers repaired it and took it to the guard to determine its identity. In addition to the procedure for driving in the dark, the police are now investigating the suspicion of aggression.

source: Gelsenkirchen police

Hannover: 23 years old attacks women with a bottle of beer

On the morning of the first Sunday of Advent, a 23-year-old from Hanover would beat me with a bottle of beer after at least two young women. According to the police, the severely intoxicated man injured one of the two 21-year-olds in the face – and then fled. The patrol on alert could overwhelm the criminal suspect near the crime scene. Now he must respond with the suspicion of a dangerous physical injury and it is still Monday, in a so-called accelerated procedure, presented to a judge.

source: Hannover police

Bad Homburg: shots in the garage – 52 years badly injured

In Bad Homburg, Hesse, a 52-year-old was injured by shots fired Saturday night. As reported by police on Monday, the woman came to the hospital and is out of danger. During the night, a 59-year-old suspect was arrested. It is said that he shot the woman on a parking garage. According to initial results, the victim and the alleged perpetrator were previously involved. In the brawl that was supposed to lead to the blows, according to the police, the woman's 44-year-old companion was slightly injured. On Monday the arrested person will be shown to a magistrate.

source: Police Directorate Hochtaunus

Recklinghausen: four wounded in the bread cricket in stick

In an accident at the Christmas market in a children's village in North Rhine-Westphalia, Recklinghausen, four people were injured, including two children. The reason of the misfortune with the cricket of the bread with sticks was a wrong choice base plate for the fire pit, as the police announced on Sunday evening. Based on this, it was a slate slab and not a granite one as expected. Because of the great heat, the slate broke out. The flying rocks met two children aged five and eight and two adults aged 33 and 35. They came to the hospital with lesions in the area of ​​the hands, face and neck. After an outpatient treatment they could leave this Sunday evening, according to the police.

source: AFP

Bochum: wounded after a mass brawl in the parking lot

The policemen surround a prisoner sitting on the ground

The police support a brawl with at least one badly injured man in a supermarket parking lot next to a man sitting on the ground.

After a mass brawl with at least one seriously injured in a supermarket parking lot in Bochum, the police arrested several people. A murder team had been set up, a police spokesman said on Sunday. In the brawl, 20-30 people clung to each other with objects. Several participants were slightly injured and the vehicles were damaged. Some participants had fled with the machines. Previously, the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" reported the case. According to people with axes, pitchforks and baseball bats must go the one against the other. The police spokesman did not confirm it on Sunday. The background was initially not clear.

source: DPA

Bischofsheim: the taxi driver "shouts" the attackers in flight

A taxi driver was threatened by a passenger with a gun in Bischofsheim in Hesse – and he screamed out loud. The author had boarded the taxi late Sunday evening in Mainz and asked the 68-year-old driver before he actually made the stop, as the police said. So he threatened the man with the weapon and asked for money. But: "When the taxi driver yelled at him, he got out of bed." The driver "accelerated and left unharmed".

source: DPA

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