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Queen Elizabeth II: It's her secret to fitness

Two-thirds of her life Elizabeth II is already a British queen. What you almost forgot: the queen is already 93 years old! However, you rarely notice his old age. She always appears on many public appearances, always takes her office seriously and true.

At over 90, his agility ensures him admiration. That's why we took a closer look at Queen's fitness program. And it's easier than you think!

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The two fitness secrets of the queen

If you look at the Queen's leisure activities, her fitness mystery consists of two things. On the one hand, Queen Elizabeth II is known as a passionate rider. For example, People magazine recently announced a joint flight with Prince Andrew. His love for horses, the queen can not be taken even in old age. Staying in shape keeps you fit because you need strength throughout your body to ride and ride.

On the other hand, the queen always likes to go for a walk. Time and time again, palace staff talk about chatting with Queen Elizabeth – often on their walks together! Because the queen is supposed to ask her employees to walk with her on the streets. A break in the fresh air should even be daily on the queen's plan.

Walk and ride – the queen shows us that even small activities are enough to stay in shape, as long as you only follow them regularly. On top of that, the Queen always attaches importance to a healthy lifestyle. It is said that she never smoked like that, as reported by "Cheatsheet".

The queen does not respect a strict regime either. After all, she should not leave her favorite drink, nor a fish and fries at home. And it may be the real secret of the queen: stay active and have fun.

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