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Sarah Lombardi looks at Pietro's bed

"Operation ended well!" With this message, Pietro Lombardi turned on his Instagram fans on Monday. The photo, which he published from the Orthopedics Mediapark in Cologne, caused concern among his followers. Many asked what had caused the operation. The singer gave the answer shortly after: "It was a knee operation," he wrote. Shortly after the procedure, Lombardi was already so good that he could receive visitors. The first at the bedside: his ex-wife Sarah Lombardi.

"I don't like hospitals," he wrote in his story on Instagram. However, he remained in the clinic to help Pietro. Pietro and Sarah Lombardi split up in October 2016. This year a divorce followed. However, the two are still friendly connected. In a video you can see Sarah Lombardi shoot her first shots in the hospital room. "Today I spent most of the day in the hospital," he says, followed by a panoramic photo of Peter shaking his bandaged knee and wearing the surgical nightgown from the hospital bed.

Alessio visits his father

The 27-year-old still has a surprise for her former partner ready: "Alessio will come soon," Lombardi said. The son was also allowed to visit Dad, but only in the evening. "I didn't want the child to be worried," the singer said. He had decided that it would be better if the boy had not seen Pietro after waking up.

In fact, Lombardi was still slightly dazed immediately after the anesthetic: "I can't talk yet, I'm still a little confused," he said in his story on Instagram. After all, he could use his cell phone again. He was also provided a friend's game console so he could get distracted.

Pietro Lombardi starts the tour in May

By January, Pietro Lombardi wants to be fit again. At the beginning of the year he will return to the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". On May 7, his "Lombardi and Band" tour begins in Germany, where he performs in over 20 cities.