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Wendler on Laura in "Arrivederci Germania": "Then it starts violently, crying".

The Wendler, Laura, Instagram: a diabolical love triangle. vox-screenshot

Wendler at Laura's "Goodbye Germany": "Then she starts violently, crying"

The Wendler and his Laura (19): are the celebrity equivalent of the car accident. Terrible, but you can't look away. For over a year, TV Germany has been catching on with the technician between the self-proclaimed junior presenter and the pop star.

  • After the "summer house of the stars", various private television appearances and even more Instagram stories have fascinated the relationship of the unequal couple on Monday evening also with the Vox spectators of "Arrivederci Germania".
  • For the format of emigrants, a team of Vox visited the two in Cape Coral, in the US state of Florida, where the Wendlers (not in German) actually want to record a song.

In the United States, Wendler has taken on the role of friend of Instagram, although Laura did not like the photos. His career on Instagram, defined mainly by scattered performances, surprised the same student,

Already (!) He has three advertising contracts, surely the influencer. However, he continues acting in the role of the faithful friend who supports his filming of Wendler. But there are problems – Laura complains: "Honey, I can't speak English well." The specialist is trying to clarify: "I can't speak English well." Why should they? Laura: "Who speaks English in Germany?" Good point …

The scenes of the subsequent recordings of Wendler's songs have caused Twitter to – in the guess – a handful of mockery in the usual malicious social media.

For example, this insight behind the scenes of the successful world would be:

A dream couple? Twitter viewers see it quite differently:

"Goodbye Germany": Wendler talks about Laura's tears

The Wendler also reported in the transmission of his life with the seemingly naive nineteen. This, according to Wendler, sometimes every song of their favorite song for reality. The Wendler: "Then he internalizes the song so intensely that he thinks it's written for her or someone else – I don't have a name right now – and then she starts crying too loud".

Over and over again he had to clarify to her: "This is also a bit of a fantasy, it is not always autobiographical". There is still a long way to go, because the concept of fantasy has not appeared in Laura's Fachabi,

Adeline Wendler, the daughter of the successful singer, is one year younger than her girlfriend Laura. The whole situation seems to cause her a stomach ache, like the rest of TV Germany: "I try not to interfere." The relationship between Wendler and her mother, the former Wendlerin, was – because of the new Laura – "not so easy".

We like to believe that …


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