anti-feminicide demonstration in front of the presidency

Mexico City (hooly News) – Feminist associations demonstrated in Mexico City on Friday before the presidency against the upsurge in feminicides following the particularly brutal murder of a young woman.

"Female Mexico" sprayed the demonstrators on a wall surrounding the Mexican presidency, according to an hooly News journalist.

"In a country where ten feminicides occur each day, it is unworthy that we are considered a nightmare by the media, society and government … Today we want to say that we are beyond anger . We are furious! ", Confided to hooly News one of the hooded demonstrators who requested anonymity.

The women, about a hundred, many of whom wore dark clothes and had black hoods on their faces, demanded that Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador take action to stem the murders of women in the country.

Earlier on Friday, during his daily morning press conference, the head of state declared that he was "in favor of women and against violence".

"The sanctions will not decrease. I am totally against machismo, there is no doubt about it," he added without announcing anything concrete.

"I am not shirking my responsibilities," said the president.

Apparently not fooled, the feminist activist Frida Guerrera, took advantage of the press conference to publicly criticize the actions of the government in this field.

"You talk a lot about corruption, but in the meantime, the issue of feminicides and disappearances is tainted by corruption" which is eating away at Mexico, she launched to the head of state.

Other demonstrations are planned for Friday in Mexico City as well as in several cities of the country.

In 2019, Mexico recorded 1,006 victims of feminicide, according to official figures undoubtedly below the reality according to experts who emphasize that the characterization of this crime by the authorities remains problematic.

Last weekend, Ingrid Escamilla, a 25-year-old girl, was stabbed in Mexico City by her boyfriend who then butchered and gutted her to snatch organs from him which he threw in the toilet of the apartment where they lived.

The crime sparked outrage in Mexico. The case also sparked protests against the release by justice and police officials of images of Ingrid's mutilated body on the pages of some tabloids in the capital.

An investigation is underway to determine how these images were made public.