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Chinese fighters near the border with India

Beijing (hooly News) – China has reinforced its troops near the Indian border with mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and mountaineers, shortly before a deadly confrontation with India, according to state media.

In mid-June, troops of the two Asian giants clashed in an extremely violent melee in a disputed valley in the Himalayan region, more than 4,000 meters above sea level.

The confrontation claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers, and an unknown number of soldiers in the Chinese ranks. This deadly shock was the first in decades between the two neighbors.

Five new militia divisions, including fighters from an MMA club and former members of the Olympic Torch Relay on Everest, were presented on June 15 during an official inspection in Lhasa, said the Chinese Defense Daily, an official military newspaper.

National television CCTV showed images of hundreds of soldiers in a row in the capital of Tibet (southwest of China), a region bordering India.

The deployment of these militias, including members of the MMA Enbo club "will greatly improve the organization and mobilization force" of the troops as well as their "speed of reaction," said Wang Haijiang, the zone commander. regional military, quoted by the newspaper.

These militiamen were recruited to "strengthen the border," said the Chinese Defense Daily in its article published last week on the social network WeChat.

The newspaper did not establish any direct link between the MMA combatants and the recurring tensions with New Delhi. But India is the only country with which China has territorial disputes in the Himalayan region.

The two neighbors denied each other responsibility for the deadly clashes during the night of June 15-16 in the Ladakh region (northern India), in which the Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed with their fists, stones and sticks.

India said Thursday it had stepped up the deployment of troops in the disputed area.

Military officials and diplomats from the two countries, however, continue to hold talks to try to defuse the tensions.

India and China fought a border war in 1962.