Coronavirus: the distress of a burglarized nurse for her masks in La Rochelle

"We need these masks! We absolutely must protect our patients, our families and ourselves. This nurse from La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) prefers to remain anonymous for fear of scaring her patients more, but she also wants to raise this cry of alarm. Insistently. His cabinet located near the popular Mireuil district of La Rochelle was indeed burgled on the night of Friday to Saturday. After fracturing the front door, the thug (s) stole around thirty surgical masks. No other property was stolen, not even the computer equipment.

"They only took a few bandages but they were found near the cabinet. They must have understood that it was worth nothing, ”breaths this liberal nurse and mother. This burglary and "the impact it has taken is beyond me a little," she admits. It is difficult to digest, we are affected in our work. We had just recovered these 30 masks after a first delivery of 50 units at the beginning of the month, to be shared in pairs with my colleague. All this for people who are going to use them badly… ”

"Not sure if we will have them in the next few days"

However, this healthcare professional thought she had taken the lead: “I have heard of thefts from cars in other departments. That's why I left these masks in the office. But at no point did I think that our workplace would be targeted. "

On Friday, the College of Nurses issued a recommendation to secure the vehicles. "We were instructed to remove the caduceus from our cars and empty them every day," said Sylvie Corsin, departmental president of SNIIL, the union of nurses and liberal nurses. This other nurse denounces in passing these burglaries which "do not make our lives easier and add unnecessary pressure".

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According to Sylvie Corsin, the endowment of liberal nurses – they are nearly 1000 in Charente-Maritime – is currently fixed at 18 surgical masks per week. "We had them last week, but we are not sure we will have them in the coming days. We also do not have charlotte, overcoat or hydroalcoholic gel. If we run out of equipment and the virus explodes, we will no longer be able to go to our patients' homes. We can't afford to catch it or pass it on, ”she says.

The nurse from Lapland filed a complaint. This weekend, she was also able to get some masks from a pharmacy. "Especially worried about the lack of equipment", she intends to continue her work.