Forbidden, the neo-Nazi and filthy site Participatory democracy is back

On this forum we exchange "Tips" to recognize "Youpins", we vomit our hatred of "Negroes" and "Bougnoules", we discuss "Raciology" and "Jewish question". We also make available the articles of the racist and filthy site Participative Democracy, blocked by court decision due to the violence of its content. This forum that Release identified, recently appeared on the Web and perfectly referenced in France, is in reality only an extension of this site that the neo-Nazi Boris Le Lay, multi-convicted and sought after by Interpol, is suspected of hosting. In short, a strategy for circumventing the law.

"Europe ecology Les Bruns" ("eelb"), that is its name, is a forum with a simplistic design but very active for a platform created only at the beginning of April. The forum logo, which features Nordic runes and a black sun (symbols prized by the SS) leaves little doubt about its content. However, the site is far from being muscular: it already has more than 1,500 registered after only a few weeks of existence, and an overwhelming number of "guests" (non-registered). Hundreds of Internet users are regularly connected to it simultaneously, according to platform statistics, and a total of nearly 40,000 messages, divided into more than 1,800 subjects, have been posted since the launch on April 2. According to SimilarWeb, a specialist portal providing website audiences, "eelb" recorded 144,000 visits in its first month of operation.

"How to recognize the Jew?"

The subsection of the forum devoted to the "Jewish question" alone would be enough to send the administrators of the page to court as it is worthy of the worst anti-Semitic pamphlets of the last century. Everyone agrees on one point: the Jew is responsible for all ills. There are a plethora of topics systematically questioning the Holocaust or so … justifying it. The "Democrats" (without emphasis on the "e", they want to), understand the forumers of "eelb", also draw up lists of Jews or wonder about "How to recognize the Jew?". Even cultural topics are an opportunity to spill their obsession with the so-called global Jewish plot they fantasize about. They exchange PDF numbers I'm everywhere, collaborationist and anti-Semitic newspaper of the Occupation, opinions on the books of negationists like Vincent Reynouard or Robert Faurisson and even dissertate there to know if this or that video game is addressed to "Leftists".

In the section devoted to "everyday raciology", the theory of "great replacement" popularized by Renaud Camus is well placed in many discussions as well as the most virulent racism. In the "racial guide to cities" section, you can exchange "tips" to avoid certain cities "Bougnoulisés and negrified" or settle in "White paradises", quite few in their eyes. The profiles of the registrants are in keeping. Many refer more or less directly to IIIe Reich, like the one whose profile picture uses the France Inter logo renamed "France Hitler". "René Fayard", one of the most prolific contributors to the forum, displays an avatar which is none other than Joachim Peiper, officer of the 1time SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler division…

Tips to help people stay hidden

To avoid the consequences in “real life”, the platform managers and the forumers are doing everything to erase their traces. The hosting of the forum is hidden behind Cloudflare and the site is registered in a "gray area" of the Internet well known to cybercriminals: the domain in ".su" (rather than ".fr" for example), for "soviet union " A whole section of "eelb" is also dedicated to advice, rather sharp, to help Internet users stay well hidden behind their pseudonyms.

The link between this forum and Participative Democracy is more than ideological: the site's "columnists", allegedly held by the hate-hailing multi-recidivist Boris Le Lay, advertise it and claim control of it. For example in a recent "program" where the speaker explains that he has reorganized the various topics of discussion. Because the forum was indeed created to circumvent the censorship of Participatory Democracy, site blocked in France after an extremely rare request of the public prosecutor after, in particular, particularly hateful remarks aimed at public figures. At the end of November 2018, the Paris tribunal de grande instance thus imposed on Internet service providers to make connection to this platform impossible, under penalty of 10,000 euros per day. A rather successful conviction so far, but one that the Democrats have managed to get around.

Pierre Plottu


Maxime Macé