his brother, Romeo Elvis, pulverizes him

Angela atomized by Cauet: his brother, Roméo Elvis, pulverizes him

Angela atomized by Cauet: his brother, Roméo Elvis, pulverizes him

Romeo Elvis does not like to be attacked by his family and makes it known. Saturday, March 21, the rapper responded virulently to the accusations that Cauet made against his little sister, Angèle.

How far will the war between Cauet and Angèle go? Friday March 20, the host of Cauet on NRJ there is a new one taken from the singer, accusing him of not being united. In support of hospital staff, the father asked several artists to donate a personal object to raise money for caregivers. A proposition that the famous interpreter of Swing your what would have refused. "Everyone said yes, except one artist who said no. (…) The one who said no is Angela! I find it so stupid to say no when it is to give money, when we are in the middle of an epidemic, that we are not asking to sing, not in concert, just to give an object, it is the only one who said no", indignant Cauet in his daily broadcast.

Entangled in a new controversy, Angèle then took hold of his Twitter account to reestablish its truth. After explaining that she made a point of respecting confinement and that she was not currently in her apartment, the artist said that she was already helping hospitals in her own way. "I decided to support what is happening otherwise, by acting, directly with medical associations, donating to buy respirators which are lacking in hospitals in particular", she wrote in a message posted on Saturday March 21.

Roméo Elvis, Angèle's brother, gets involved

A few hours later, Angèle was able to count on his brother Roméo Elvis to defend it publicly. And the least we can say is that Cauet was not spared. "Each time, I refrain from calling you m **** because my team asks me to stay diplomatic and because we want to play the radio game", reacted the rapper in his Instagram story. And to continue with always as virulence:"I tell you openly Cauet: you're a m ****. You take it out on my sister on any occasion because she refuses to play the game on your show and you can't stand the idea that people didn't want to participate in your concepts."

Exasperated by the host’s behavior towards his little sister, Roméo Elvis then said that he didn’t care that he couldn’t be on the air. "Don't touch the Cauet family, he wrote. The next time you make guned parodies of our songs and say bad things about my sister on the radio, for free, to harm her, wear your c *******. I'm not going to miss you and it'll be less polite than my sister."It remains to be seen whether the principal party will take the trouble to respond to such threats.

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