Global News World strike suspended Monday morning, election evening canceled Sunday evening

Employees of, RMC and other NextRadioTV media voted on Sunday afternoon to suspend their strike from Monday morning against major job cuts and in the process the first French news channel announced the cancellation of his election night.

Gathered in general assembly, the employees voted for the suspension of the strike from Monday morning (453 for, 27 against), according to a member of the intersyndicale of the Altice group.

"Due to an ongoing social movement within the NextRadioTV group, is unable to broadcast its election night this evening" from the municipal authorities, announced on Twitter.

The journalists of the antennas of NextRadioTV started on strike on Wednesday against a savings plan providing for 500 job cuts, or one third of the workforce of this subsidiary of the Altice group.

With three major demands: no forced departure, the rejection of the removal of half of the freelance and intermittent workers and better social conditions for the remaining employees.

Sunday afternoon, shortly before the GA, management indicated in an email to employees that "if, after the voluntary departure plan, the number of 330 volunteers is not reached, there will have no forced redundancy until November 30, 2021 ".

"We journalists should be present in dozens of cities, in front of campaign headquarters, on sets, in newsrooms, to tell you, decipher, live with you this high point of democracy. It is our mission However, we will not fill it up, "wrote the SDJ of, BFM Paris, BFM Business, RMC and the digital editors of NextRadioTV, in a forum published on the site of the Sunday Journal.

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