How to clean your makeup brushes?

We all know it, but we almost never do it: cleaning your brushes is essential. But how often? And how do you do the right things? We give you some answers.

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Every day they help us accomplish pretty artistic prowess or just small makeup fittings. Fluffy, beveled or brushed, the observation is the same: you must wash your brushes. A hygienic reflex that we don't necessarily have for lack of time or motivation. What if we took a few minutes to finally give our makeup brushes a good clean? Here are the good gestures to adopt for an impeccable makeup bag

Why should you wash your makeup brushes?

"The hygiene of the brushes is essential firstly for the practical side, for example avoiding the packages caused by the drying of the product applied the day before. But also and above all for hygiene because the brushes can be vectors of bacteria if badly / not cleaned ", explains Hicham Ababsa, make-up artist. We don't suspect it, however the makeup brushes accumulate dust, traces of makeup, dirt … These poorly cleaned tools will then cause discomfort on our beautiful skin. First, they will clog our pores with these bacteria. Result, the pores will not be able to properly evacuate the sebum and the dead skins which camp on the skin. The risk ? Imperfections (blackheads, pimples) and dull skin.

Which soap to use? How to proceed ?

No need for large investments or specialized equipment to clean your brushes. Truth be told, only lukewarm water, Marseille soap or baby shampoo and a washcloth will be needed. "I have a preference for Marseille soap because it is effective, easy to find and inexpensive. Otherwise, a solid soap that I would have cracked for the smell, "says Hicham Ababsa. So how do we do it? To get started, just dip the brush head in lukewarm water. It is best to avoid wetting the handle if it is made of wood. Then we will come and apply a dab of soap on the hair and rub in small circular movements with the glove, also moistened. We rinse, and we start again until we don't see any more dirty water disgorging from the brush. Attention, the make-up artist warns us: "No need to use too much product. If there is residue of soap in the brush after it has dried, it will become sticky and the application of makeup will be disastrous. "

How to dry your brushes?

Here, we will have to be very careful and pamper our brushes well. Even more so if the latter are made of natural material or animal hair. First, you will have to wring out the hair as much as possible with your fingers. Let's be careful not to pluck the hairs from the makeup brush. Next, we will spread a dry towel on a flat surface and place our brushes on it. A mistake that should not be made is to hang these brushes upside down. Drying could cause them to lose their original shape. "Good to know: In addition to being more ethical, synthetic fiber brushes generally have a significantly shorter drying time than natural bristle brushes. “, Notes the makeup artist.

How often to wash your brushes?

This answer may not appeal to everyone, yet it is the strict truth. Hicham Ababsa explains that a brush should be cleaned after each use: "Use a brush cleaner (faster to dry) before application if you forgot to wash it the day before or to quickly clean a powder brush containing little material (these take the longest to dry due to the number of hairs) ”. Obviously, it is not always possible to get down to washing your brush every morning. In this case, we recommend at least one wash per week. Beauty blenders and other make-up sponges should be washed as a priority because they collect more impurities than conventional brushes.

Gadgets for easy cleaning

For adventurers of make-up, there are gadgets that will considerably facilitate the cleaning of makeup brushes. Many brands have put themselves in to save insane time for budding make-up artists and professionals of course. Birchbox, Sephora, Beauté Privée: these brands have developed a silicone glove or brush with pins to remove dirt. “You can find brush mats that are placed in the bottom of the sink, these will be of great service to those in a hurry and also allow more comfort for washing their brushes. “Hicham Ababsa tells us. Increasingly popular also, it is the automatic brush cleaner, especially of the brand Stylpro : like a blender, the device will very quickly swirl the brush in a jar to rid it of all impurities. Time savings guaranteed.