The students all come out of the college with face masks. But after that, it’s another story recognizes the principal Marc Dumez: “around the school, in the evening when the students go out they are happy to take off the mask and to breathe a little, because it is very hot and respecting the regulations all day long, they need to breathe a little in the evening. “

An obligation for students from middle school

Except that this mask, it must be put back on the bus or the school bus. A measure rather well respected confirms Hugo in sixth grade: “there are people who don’t respect but most respect.”

Recahooly-news.comtrant in transport

But the fact that a few take off their masks on board disturbs Sofia, also in sixth grade: “The wearing of a mask is not respected too much, there are a lot of people on the bus. _when you’re stuck next to people who don’t wear the mask_, that’s a little annoying. “

“You can’t watch in the rearview mirror and drive” – ​​a school bus driver

In front of the police at the foot of the bus, obviously all the students are well masked, but this school bus driver recognizes that there is not much he can do: “You can’t watch in the rearview mirror all the time and drive at the same time. It’s not possible. So it’s sure that maybe, at some point, _there is a relaxation of the kids_. But that’s how it is.”

Drivers who would be afraid to enforce the wearing of masks

If the drivers don’t say anything to the students, it’s because there is a reason, says Paul, in the third class: “I think they are afraid of being attacked in relation to the news item in Bayonne, there is a guy who died. Suddenly, they do not say anything. _If they weren’t afraid they would say – well put your mask back on, but they dare say nothing_. “

The absence of a very minority mask according to the authorities

The police, for their part, recall that they carry out regular checks in places of transport, especially on regular buses and at Sens train station. According to the sub-prefecture, the wearing of a mask is respected by almost all students in transport.

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