A family is seeking help to bury the body of a restrained relative at the morgue about a bill

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For most families, when their loved ones die, they want to give them a decent start and move on.

But a family from Kiamunyi, in the suburbs of Nakuru City, lives in pain and daily agony because she can not bury her father because of an unpaid bill from the morgue.

Eutychus Mwaura died on July 14, 2018, and his body was detained at the Nakuru War Memorial hospital morgue until his family paid a bill of 2.5 million shillings.

The family of four – two young men and two young women – who are all unemployed, is now calling on supporters to help them raise the funds needed to clear the bill.

"We sought the help of all the senior political leaders and supporters of Nakuru City, but we did not receive any help," said Mildred Mumbi, the first born in the family.

She said the family had managed to raise 120,000 shillings only on social media platforms.

"Our mother died of breast cancer in 2014 and our father died. As an orphan family, we appeal to supporters to help us raise the funds needed to get our dad off to a good start so that we can move on. lives, "said Mumbi.

She added that her family now feared that she would not be able to bury her father at the Nakuru South cemetery, with mortal burdens accumulating at 1,500 shillings per day and an additional 2,000 shillings for body preservation.

"We have nothing. We have exhausted the small savings made by my father. Our lives are at a standstill. We can not do anything until our father is lying in the morgue, "said Grace Wairimu, the latestborn.

Ms. Wairimu said the family now feared that the body was still not being held at the morgue, so she might not be able to bury her father in good conditions as it slowly decomposes.

"The last time I visited the morgue and saw the body, I noticed that the skin of the nose had peeled off, and, as a family, we were afraid of not being able to bury the skeleton only if the body continues to be held in the hospital, "said Ms. Wairimu in tears.

"The family is suffering untold suffering and I appeal to Kenyans of good will to help these orphans," said Cecelia Wachuka, their first cousin.

A hospital official confirmed that the body was still in detention and that it would only be released after payment of the pending bill.

"The hospital is ready and ready to release the body once we have received full payment," said a hospital official, who could not be quoted because she is not the spokesperson of the hospital.

The family opened a M-Pesa invoice number 891300, Account 24839 for those who wish to help with donations to clear the bill.

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