A man who claims that his adult daughter is being tried against his will by R. Kelly claims to have been threatened


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January 10, 2019, 04:33 GMT

By Janelle Griffith

Singer Robert Kelly claims that his adult daughter is being held against his will and filed a lawsuit with the police, claiming that he had been threatened by a musician's official for his participation in Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries.

On January 3, Timothy Savage told police in his home town of Stockbridge, Georgia, that Don Russell had texted him: it would be better for him and his family than the documentary is not broadcast, according to a report from police provided by the Henry County Police Department. . Savage and his wife, Jonjelyn, participated in the six-part documentary broadcast last week.

Savage also alleges that Russell called him, accusing him of providing false information to Lifetime and telling him that while he was continuing to support the documentary, Kelly and he were sure that he would be happy with it. would use to discredit him by disclosing information that "would ruin his reputation, his business and his family, it would show him a liar," according to the report.

The case was referred to the criminal investigation unit of the police department, the report said.

A Savages lawyer told NBC News that investigators from the Fulton County District Attorney's Office had contacted them.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office declined to comment.

NBC News could not immediately reach Russell for comment. Steven Greenberg, Kelly's lawyer in Chicago, questioned the charges against Russell, said he did not know him.

The lawyer added, referring to the allegations coming from Timothy Savage: "Given the source, I seriously doubt that this is true."

"Surviving R. Kelly" chronicles decades of alleged misconduct of the musician. It contains testimonies of women who accuse Kelly of psychological, physical and sexual violence, as well as interviews with associates and relatives of the singer.

Kelly, who turned 52 on Tuesday, has repeatedly denied sexual misconduct and has never been sentenced. NBC News has spoken to him several times since the distribution of the docuseries but could only speak to his lawyer.

The Savages claim that their daughter, Joycelyn, now 23 years old, was kidnapped by Kelly and that she is being held against her will and that she has been brainwashed, said their lawyer at NBC News on Wednesday.

"Basically, when we started to stop hearing about our daughter, not being able to get in touch for days, we became very worried because we raised her all these years and she was close of his family, but also his friends, "said his mother, Jonjelyn Savage, to NBC News. "So that alarmed us."

"It makes me helpless," she said.

The parents' attorney, Gerald Griggs, said that he had information that Joycelyn Savage "is with Mr. Kelly and that she is being held against her will in Chicago".

In a video published in May 2018, Joycelyn Savage denied being detained against her. His parents reject his statements in the video. They believe that she was coerced.

In addition to the threats allegedly made this month to Timothy Savage, he also stated in a separate complaint to the Stockbridge police that in May 2018, Kelly's former director, James Mason, had threatened to kill him. , according to a police report provided to NBC News by Griggs.

Mason reportedly told Timothy Savage, "I'm going to hurt you and your family, when I see you, I'll get you, I'll kill you ——, I'll kill you", the police from 2018 the report says.

The Henry County Police Department in Georgia told NBC News that an investigating judge had issued an arrest warrant against Mason in connection with the alleged incident of the incident. last year, citing "terrorist threats and acts".

NBC News was not able to immediately reach Mason for an answer. Kelly's lawyer said about the allegation against Mason: "It did not happen. Savage is looking for advertising. "

Following the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly", a prosecutor from the Chicago area on Tuesday asked whoever alleges abuse by the singer contact her office to investigate their claims. She said families of two alleged victims have already come forward.

Kelly's lawyer, Greenberg, told NBC News that the prosecutor's call for victims to come forward concerns him.

"At the moment, I am concerned that the police are not following proper procedures and that this is leading to unjustified accusations," he said.