Helping Tsai Ing-wen | 2020


TAIPEI (The China Post) – According to the latest poll released on June 9, the popularity of President Tsai Ing-wen has reached its peak for months, due to her harsh reaction to President Xi Jinping's speech during unification of January 2nd.

According to the latest poll released on March 9, early in the year of opening, Chinese President Xi Jinping sparked a unified discussion that prompted a strong reaction from President Tsai Ing-wen.

Despite growing concerns over his bid to re-election to the Progressive Democratic Party (DPP), this decision has improved his position on the Taiwanese political scene.

In addition to the forced party palace, Tsai Ing-wen must give up his reelection, which caused the arrest of Tsai Ing-wen, on the verge of death, with the help of these "teammates piglets ". Political arena.

She was worried about worrying as she was preparing to be re-elected. When she first proposed the commitment of the "Four Must" on the development of cross-Strait relations, she did not however receive much attention at her home. First time.

While Tsai Ing-wen is worried about the road to re-election, this year's New Year's Day, Tsai Ing-wen has proposed for the first time "four imperatives" on issues related to the strait, without attracting national attention.

The next day, Xi's message to Taiwan compatriots not only matched "one country, two systems" with the "1992 consensus", but also stressed that force remained an option to achieve unification.

However, the next day, Xi Jinping's "Taiwan compatriots" argued strongly for the promotion of the system, not only by denying the different tables of the 1992 Consensus, but underlining that it did not exclude recourse to the force against Taiwan.

This announcement caused a shock among the Taiwanese people and the response of President Tsai Ing-wen suddenly found support in this regard.

This decision provoked a strong dissatisfaction among the Taiwanese people and Tsai Ing-wen's strong response allowed him to regain the dominance of the crossed discourses.

"I should fight for the Taiwanese people, not for my own position," she said.

Tsai Ing-wen's president "should fight for the Taiwanese people, not for their own power."

She added, "As long as I'm president, I will bear all the pressures, and Taiwan will not accept the 1992 consensus and the idea of ​​a" two-system country. "

"As long as I'm president, I will definitely stop all pressure, Taiwan will not accept the 1992 consensus, one country, two systems."

"It is not up to me to say who will or will not run for the presidency, trust the mechanism of democracy," she concluded in a speech that allowed her to maintain her diminishing popularity and to give him a chance to represent himself.

The speech of "Who wants to choose, who does not choose, who is not the one who has the last word and who believes that the democratic mechanism is right" has not only lowered its political prestige, but also stabilized its chances reelection.