The closure of the US government compromises the activities of the Miami airport


From Saturday to Monday, Terminal G – one of the six airports at the airport – will close at 13:00 (18:00 GMT).

"Flights that previously had to leave Hall G this Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be transferred to Hall F or Hall H," AFP spokesman Greg Chin told AFP.

The issue in question is the lack of agents of the US Transportation Security Administration, considered "essential" federal workers and therefore always at work – but without pay until the end of the closure.

Agents are alleged to be staging "escapades" – calling the sick into a silent protest against their situation. According to the Miami Herald, the rate of absenteeism among Miami airport agents has more than doubled since the start of the closure.

"At the present time, about 40 TSA employees call ill", which means that "this terminal does not have the manpower needed to accommodate all the passengers," he said. AFP, the spokesman for the airport, Jack Varela.

"The airport, the airlines, the TSA and the customs, we are doing all we can to make the passengers happy," Varela said.

Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson, the new chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told the TSA chief in a letter this week that it was "reasonable to expect that the revocations and the renunciations of officers increase the duration of the closure. "

"No employee can work indefinitely without getting paid," Thompson said.

Next week's shutdown, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the administration of US President Donald Trump, alleging that its members were "illegally" deprived of their salary.

Until now, there is no sign of compromise to end the closure: Trump insists on funding a wall on the border with Mexico, but the Democrats of the United Opposition do not move.