US ambassadors gather in Washington for conference despite closure


Officials said on Friday U.S.
ambassadors from around the world fly to Washington next week for a
State Department "Heads of Mission" conference, despite US bias
government shutdown, Reuters reported.

secretary of state
Mike Pompeo decided to organize the meeting of January 16 and 17 "because it is
essential to the conduct of foreign affairs, essential to national security ",
The spokesman for the state department said on condition of anonymity.

"The moment of this
conference is crucial to US security, safety and prosperity
In the United States, "added the spokesman, adding that the conference" would examine the
global threats and challenges that affect all US citizens. "

Current and old
US officials who spoke on condition of anonymity were skeptical about the
The conference, which was held for the last time in 2016, is vital to national security, but said:
the agency had to make this internal determination in order to hold it during the
to close.

Partial stop,
who entered his 21st day on Friday, left the US ministries
ranging from justice, agriculture and treasure to trade and internal security
and state without money to run programs and pay their workers.

The stop is now
tied to the longest closure of this type so far, and many of the 800,000 employees
who were laid off or working without pay missed their first
Friday paychecks.

The state department
spokesman said the agency was working to limit conference costs by using
facilities and staff of the department and guest speakers mainly from inside the
Government, adding that travel had "been organized and financed" before closure.

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