A car bombing kills dozens of people at the Maidan Wardak military base in Afghanistan


Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Location of Afghanistan

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A car bomb was launched Monday at a military base in Maidan Shahr in the center of afghanistanof Maidan Wardak Province. Dozens of people died in the attack, allegedly carried out by the Taliban.

Photo of an Afghan Humvee operating at Kandahar in 2011.
Image: Sergeant Breanne Pye of The US Army.

The training center belongs to the National Directorate of Security; he was targeted with a captured Humvee military car packed with explosives, followed by two armed men. Sharif Hotak, of Maidan Wardak Provincial Council, reported witnessing 35 bodies in a hospital, with a few victims both dead and transported. Kabul. "The explosion was very powerful, the whole building collapsed," he said.

Hotak also claimed that the central government "conceals specific loss figures to prevent a further decline in the morale of Afghan forces," whose armored vehicle built by the United States was used to violate the complex's defenses. A source from the Interior Ministry reportedly said: "I have been told not to make the number of deaths public, it is frustrating to hide the facts.[.]"

The Taliban have claimed responsibility. Spokesman of the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid claimed 190 were dead. Efforts are underway to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the conflict within the nation. The Taliban, once the power is in place, seek to regain control and reimpose their version of the Sharia. Reuters reports the deadliest Monday attack since the onslaught of Ghazni In August 2018, officials reported 150 security forces, 95 civilians and hundreds of Taliban killed.

Abdurrahman Mangal, spokesman for the provincial governor, said the attack had left twelve dead and twelve wounded.

The Taliban met Monday Zalmay Khalilzad, a WE envoy of peace, Qatar. Last week, a car bomb attack in Kabul left five dead and 110 wounded, another attack by the Taliban. The civil war has been going on for seventeen years. the Taliban want the foreign forces to leave and the Afghan government to withdraw from the peace talks.