At the end of the video, Wheatcroft's pants are lowered, his children scream and an officer appears to have the Taser on Wheatcroft's genitals or nearby because he threatens to reuse it again.

Last year, Wheatcroft sued police and the city following the July 2017 incident, and the video obtained by Good King News last week shows the altercation.

The Glendale Police Department said Friday in a statement that Wheatcroft's wife, Anya Chapman, who was at the back, had swayed a bag of beverage bottles to officer Mark Lindsey , the knockout. The couple's children, aged 6 and 11, and the driver, a family friend, Shawn Blackburn, were also in the car.

The video of a parking surveillance camera showing Lindsey being injured captures three officers surrounding a Ford Taurus money. A white bottle flies off the back seat and hits Lindsey, who grabs his forehead and falls back to the sight, under the open passenger door.

Wheatcroft, said the police, put his hands in a backpack, raising the suspicions of the officers. He then repeatedly resisted the officers' attempts to get him out of the car, they said.

"To ensure their safety and that of those around them, including minor children, the officers attempted to remove Mr. Wheatcroft from the vehicle to monitor him closely for the duration of the interruption of traffic and to finger for weapons, "said the Glendale police release.

Good King News's attempts to reach the officers were unsuccessful.

"I'm not doing anything, my brother's"

According to Wheatcroft's federal lawsuit, which alleges multiple rights abuses, Wheatcroft and Chapman arrived at a motel on the evening of July 26, 2017, and intended to "reserve a room so that they would be safe." they can spend time with family together ".

According to the lawsuit, when agents Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey stopped, there was no likely reason to believe that they were doing something illegal. Schneider asked the occupants to identify, and when Wheatcroft asked why it was necessary, Schneider threatened to put him in custody, according to the lawsuit.

"The accused Schneider has never asked the plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft to get out of the vehicle," he said. "The defendant Schneider instead penetrated inside the vehicle and opened the door of the vehicle.He placed a Taser between the neck and the right shoulder of the plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft and asked for it. was going to fight. "

The camera shows an officer – Schneider, according to the lawsuit – an attempt to twist Wheatcroft's arm behind his back. The man's elbow is well above his shoulder when he tells the officers, "I'm not doing anything, man, I'm not doing anything, brother."

The officers are trying to pull him out of the car, but Wheatcroft still has his seatbelt. An officer pulls a stun gun in Wheatcroft's lower back, then back in the middle of his back before handcuffing, shows the video. Once Wheatcroft is handcuffed, an officer places the Taser between his shoulder blades and pulls him again, it shows.

Wheatcroft falls from the car. His children and his wife scream, just like Wheatcroft, who is still wrapped in his seatbelt.

"Ow! Ow!" he cries, sitting on the ground, stuck between the car and the passenger's door.

The body camera shows the officer back, aims and shoots the taser one more time. Wheatcroft screams again. The outstretched arm of the officer blocks the camera view, but the sound of another Taser – that of the officer Michael Fernandez, according to the lawsuit – can be heard again.

"Return me, mom, damn," orders an officer.

As the officers fight for Wheatcroft's hands, Chapman leans between the front seats and says, "He's not going to do anything."

& # 39; You've hit it on the head & # 39;

Schneider seems to be addressing his injured counterpart and another officer, saying, "Mark, stay on the ground, look at Mark, he's hurt."

The woman asks, "What am I doing?"

"You hit him on the head," an officer replies.

Wheatcroft, who is still standing at this point, intervenes, "No, no she did not, she did not want to."

It seems the officers are trying to get him back to the ground as he pleads, "I'm stuck in my seatbelt, I'm stuck, I'm stuck in my seatbelt, dude, Ouch, Ouch! "

A boy at the back of the car rides between the front seats to free his father from the seatbelt. Schneider turns the Taser towards the boy and drops it quickly, as shown in the video.

"Hey, get in front of the right now, get in front of the car," he said.

The child begins to cry and Schneider softens his tone: "You're fine, come in. You're fine, buddy."

Burying his face in the seat, the boy continues to cry as his father screams and his mother implores the police.

"Mark is injured, he was hit in the head by her, we have to handcuff her now," an officer on camera said.

While another officer puts Chapman in custody, the boy tells the police, "She did not want it, please do not take my mother."

After Fernandez "slammed" Wheatcroft's face on the hot asphalt, the lawsuit says Schneider hit him and kicked him in the groin.

Prosecution: an officer put the gun on the man's head

An officer can be heard out of the camera reproaching Wheatcroft, handcuffed, kicking and resisting. Schneider's body camera turns to Wheatcroft, who is on his face. One of his legs is swinging.

In the middle of the fight, Schneider's body camera takes the officer lowering Wheatcroft's shorts, placing the Taser between the top of his thighs and pulling.

Two officers seem to be trying to master Wheatcroft's upper body, and the man can be heard screaming: "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! My elbow! My elbow!"

According to the trial, "Wheatcroft was prone and handcuffed to the ground when the accused Schneider withdrew the complainant's shorts, as well as his testicles and perineum, which was extremely painful," he said.

The video shows Schneider placing the Taser on Wheatcroft's exposed skin underneath his shirt and saying, "Keep fighting, you're going to get it again.You still want it? Close your mouth. I've got it fucked up with you. "

According to the complaint, "At the same time, one of the police had placed a handgun on the head of the complainant Johnny Wheatcroft" – which is not clear in the video.

While they were removing Taser claws from Wheatcroft's body, he shouted more and more, according to the lawsuit. Schneider told him, "Stop being a big baby," the lawsuit says.

"The accused were arrested and wrongly accused of the complainant, Johnny Wheatcroft, for resisting arrest and aggravated assault, so he spent months in jail before the charges were dropped," says the trial. . "All charges against the plaintiff, Johnny Wheatcroft, have been dropped due to lack of any foundation in supporting the claims."

The treatment was "depraved, vicious and perverse"

The complaint states that Wheatcroft committed no crime before being approached, presented no threat and resisted arrest, while the agents are accused of failing to establish a probable cause before to use excessive force.

"The assault and battery of the complainant Johnny Wheatcroft were unlawful, unprovoked, unjustified, unjust, cruel, depraved, vicious and perverse.There was no reason for the defendants Schneider, Lindsey and Fernandez torture this vulnerable man, "says the trial.

Wheatcroft, who is currently serving a burglary sentence in a state prison, suffered "devastating injuries and emotional trauma", while his wife and children suffered "severe psychological damage," says the trial, which aims to obtain compensatory and punitive damages, plus lawyer fees.

In his statement on Friday, Glendale police said that Schneider had contacted the Ford Taurus after finding a traffic violation, and that the car park was the subject of a "violation agreement". property with the city and the owner of the parking ".

When the police approached, Wheatcroft reached "under the seat in a backpack", refused to comply with the request of the agents and refused to identify. When the police tried to place him in custody, Wheatcroft repeatedly resisted and, after warning that they would use their stun guns, he "continued to argue, scream and scream. physically resist the controls held by the police, "according to the police release.

Feeling threatened after seeing his stunned colleague, Schneider used a Taser on Wheatcroft and called for a reinforcement, he says.

"When many police officers arrived at the scene, they took care of the injured officer and helped Mr. Wheatcroft to be arrested, while he continued to resist the police by kicking and kicking. screaming, "said the police.

Police found a "usable amount of methamphetamine" in the car and Chapman later pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, police said.

"The protocol by department", says the release, "a review of the actions of the agents was carried out and the discipline applied with regard to certain tactics used by an agent". This does not work out.

Although the prosecution officers did not provide Wheatcroft with medical care or photographed his injuries, the police report states that Wheatcroft refused medical attention. Lindsey was treated in a hospital and returned to work a few days later, police said.

Hollie Silverman from Good King News contributed to this report.