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12 February 2019, 16:39 GMT / Updated on 12 February 2019, 20:36 GMT

By Minyvonne Burke and Ron Allen

The ex-boyfriend of a New York woman who was found dead in a suitcase that was dumped on the side of a road in Connecticut was arrested, police said Tuesday.

Javier deSilva, 24, was detained on Monday night in Queens (New York) for using a debit card from Valerie Reyes, who was reported missing on 30 January by her family, police said.

Greenwich Police Capt. Robert Berry said that deSilva "has given a role" in Reyes & # 39; death. So far no costs have been submitted.

"We are hopeful and confident that the pursuit of justice for Valerie will be successful, and I hope that this research offers a certain degree of closure to the Reyes family," Berry said.

Reyes & # 39; body, tied with her hands and feet, was found last week by road workers in red luggage left on a road in the affluent town of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Valerie Reyes was found dead and put in a suitcase in Connecticut on February 5th.

A cause of death for Reyes, who came from New Rochelle, is still pending.

The last time family members heard of Reyes was January 28, the police said in New Rochelle. Reyes, who according to the family was suffering from depression and panic attacks, lived in the area with her father.

Norma Reyes, who last week told one of the last phone calls with her daughter, said that Valerie & # 39; was afraid of my life & # 39; and thought that someone would harm her.

We do not even understand, the only thing weird is that she was afraid of her life and that someone would eventually take her life, & # 39; said Norma Reyes.