The American government will continue with investigations
the murder of the Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, state secretary Mike Pompeo
said during a visit to Hungary on Monday, reported Al Jazeera.

is not for a murder. "- Mike Pompeo

He added that the United States would take more
action to hold all those responsible for the death of Khashoggi responsible.

The US-based Saudi columnist was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul
October 2, 2018. After initially contradicting statements, the kingdom
confirmed that Saudi agents killed him in the consulate but denied it
high leaders were behind the murder.

Khashoggi & # 39; s
body was dismembered and was not found.

The murder made members of the Congress furious. On October 10, 2018, a
two-party group of American senators led the conditions of the Global Magnitsky
Act, in which the president must investigate and determine whether a foreign person
is responsible for the death of Khashoggi within 120 days.

The White House had until Friday to submit its report – a deadline that did not succeed
meet, according to different seniors.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said Pompeo gave an update to Congress on Friday
in the form of a letter, but the spokesman did not elaborate this.

Tim Kaine, in a statement on Sunday, accused the US administration
President Donald Trump of "help with the cover up

should never go down to this level of moral bankruptcy, "added Kaine.

Michael McCaul, a Republican on the
House Foreign Affairs Committee, said
on Saturday "everyone involved in this gruesome crime must be identified
and held responsible. "

call on the administration to immediately meet the requirements of the
law, and to provide Congress with the required information, "he said.

Although it has White House
sanctioned 17 Saudi individuals for their involvement in the murder, including
Two top assistants for MBS, members of the Congress of both parties have called for more
action against the kingdom and its leaders.

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