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12 February 2019, 2:56 GMT / Updated on 12 February 2019, 4:43 GMT

From Tim Stelloh

It was expected that a winter storm that rages across the Midwest would affect the East Cost, rain, ice and even two feet of snow in some areas.

The blizzard can cause commuters from Illinois to Maine, where the warnings and warnings for the winter storms were in force on Tuesday morning and Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Highway stackups and other weather-related accidents were reported in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, while incoming flights to the Hare International Airport in Chicago were delayed by more than four hours from Monday night, according to the Flightaware flight search site.

In New Jersey, where predictors predicted a mix of snow, sleet, and sleet, Governor Phil Murphy said a state of emergency would take effect on Monday at midnight. The statement authorizes the state to restrict travel and give access to government support, among other things.

In Dallas County, Iowa, the sheriff urged the drivers to slow down after a helper was hit at the scene of an accident by a car that zoomed past emergency vehicles on a snow-covered road.

Dash-cam video of the incident showed a helper who jumped off the road before a car crashed into an SUV and then hit the officer.

"He has a few seemingly minor injuries, but as you can see from this video, it could have been a lot worse," said the sheriff's office in a message accompanying the video. "Delay for all first responders and be safe!"

A video from outside Eau Claire, Wisconsin, cars, trucks and SUVs showed up on a snow-covered highway hub, while in neighboring Wayne County, Indiana, a two-engine aircraft slipped off the runway at an airport east of Indianapolis on Monday morning.

According to the Good King News member WTHR, no injuries were reported during the incident.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that some upstate areas could see ice, 35 miles per hour wind, freezing rain and as much as two feet of snow on Tuesday, with the highest snow totals expected in the northern region of the state.

One to four inches was predicted for New York City, the governor's office said in a statement.

The State Department of Transportation was finished with more than 1,500 teams and hundreds of trucks, snowblowers, tractors and graders, according to the statement.

The Pacific Northwest, meanwhile, was preparing for more winter weather and rain after an unusual storm that was dumped more than half a meter of snow in some areas last week.

"We are not finished with that #was now for the near future, "the State of Washington Jay Inslee said Monday in a message on Twitter. "Caution is the best approach for everyone." Thanks for sharing your kicks to free sidewalks, helping your older neighbors and reducing your traffic to get us safe in the coming days. "