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February 14, 2019, 9:31 GMT

By Jane C. Timm

Call it the beautiful primary.

While the battle for the Democratic nomination for 2020 is being warmed up, the five senators in the race took turns to overload with each other while saving the zingers for President Donald Trump.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Said she thinks it's "great" that Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Runs into her – news Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., "Hot".

"There will be rivalry between brothers and sisters, but in the end we are family," said Senator Cory Booker, D-N.J., in an interview on "The View."

"Fantastic people", said Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., The most recent newcomer to the already busy primary field, told MSNBC Monday about her newly minted rivals.

So far, the sympathy of the field is in stark contrast to the horror of the 2016 Republican Primary, which contained mocking nicknames, an insinuation about the size of the genitalia of the now-president, a meme that mocked the wife of the Republican Sen Ted Cruz, Texas, whole debate performance tailored to breaking down another candidate and more. But that will change quickly, political strategists predicted.

"The plane has just crashed in the Andes, because now everyone is working together, but soon they will think about who can be eaten first," said Rick Wilson, a republican strategist who opposes President Donald Trump. "Politics is always cooperative until it is absolutely no form of cooperation and everyone tries to destroy the rest."

Strategists told Good King News that with almost a year to go to Iowa's first in the nation caucus, it's smart for Democrats to play fun now. Voters are exhausted and are still recovering from the longest government breakdown in American history, they said, and with White House trump tweeter attacks the Democrats will look stronger by keeping their fires together.

"We just finished one election, where we did well, the smart people do not want to spoil it, we have an enemy in Donald Trump, we have to stay focused on that," said Democratic strategist Jim Manley.

Republican strategist and MSNBC analyst Susan Del Percio agreed.

"I do not think the main voters now want to see a massacre," she said. "There is so much energy to defeat the incumbent president, they have to be careful that they are not willing to kill each other and thereby become weaker."

"I can not emphasize this enough – it is so early," added Del Percio. "The Republican leader did not become God-fearing until Donald Trump came in. & # 39;

Trump launched his campaign for president in June 2015 after a number of GOP politicians, including a handful of senators, announced their bids.

Strategists said the blows between 2020 Democrats would fly quickly, partly because candidates have to differentiate in a densely populated area and partly because voters want to be sure to choose someone who can handle Trump.

One of the things the voters will be looking at is someone who is going to be a hunter, someone who is going to throw Trump. They will look at somebody who is agile, who can not just hit a blow, but land, "said Manley.

Del Percio said she expects to release the gloves in August, when the Senate saves five weeks and those candidates will not be working together every day.

Wilson expects the blows to come before the first democratic debate in June.

"The moment a candidate comes forward and democratic primary voters say he or she – that's the one that can really bring Trump down, that's the minute the clock starts running for everyone else," he said.

According to Wilson, Booker – whose vegan diet Gillibrand revealed that she knew everything about filming in a lighthearted video for Marie Claire before the old friends officially announced their competitive bids – is the first to be eaten in his scenario in the Andes Mountains.

"You do not campaign in the Donald Trump era about how we want love," said WIlson. "That's not what the Democratic base wants now, they want rivers of blood."