Saudi Crown Prince pledges $ 20 billion investment for Pakistan


Saudi Arabia, which like Pakistan is a Sunni-majority country, is fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, which Riyadh says is backed by Iran's Shiite majority. But Pakistan struggled to cross the narrow border between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two centers of sectarian power in the Middle East, seeking to balance a fragile alliance with each country.

Saudi Arabia seemed to want to widen the gap between Iran and Pakistan. At a television news conference Monday, Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Foreign Minister who travels with Prince Mohammed, attacked Iran, describing the country as "the main sponsor of the country." terrorism".

As a gesture of goodwill, Saudi Arabia has declared that it will release some 2,100 Pakistanis in prisons throughout the kingdom. This is a delicate problem: thousands of Pakistanis employed in Saudi Arabia are often denied due process in the country's judicial system, according to the newspaper. a recent report from Human Rights Watch.

Prince Mohammed is also planning to visit India and China during his visit, with the aim of strengthening relations with Asian countries, as alliances with the West are under fire from critics. The assassination of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi.

The crown prince traveled to New Delhi later on Monday in the midst of a growing dispute between India and Pakistan over a Kashmir suicide bombing that killed 40 Indian soldiers last week. Prince Mohammed is expected to mediate between countries after India has accused Pakistan of being behind the attack and is dedicated to the response.

Anxious to expand Pakistan's alliances, Mr. Khan enthusiastically courted Prince Mohammed soon after becoming prime minister. Mr. Khan gave a speech at a conference on investment in Riyadh in October, even after dozens of participants and sponsors withdrew from the event amid a whirlwind of allegations that the prince allegedly ordered the assassination of Mr. Khashoggi.

Anxious to stabilize its indebted economy and absorb an overwhelming foreign exchange reserve, Pakistan sought support from China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. He is also in talks with the International Monetary Fund. Pakistan has foreign exchange reserves worth $ 8.2 billion, which represents only two months of imports for a country heavily dependent on foreign products.