An Ohio man bangs a lawyer in court after being sentenced to 47 years in prison


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February 21, 2019, 17:15 GMT

By Farnoush Amiri

An Ohio man reportedly hit his lawyer in court Tuesday after learning that he had been sentenced to nearly five decades in prison.

The altercation, filmed by the body camera of a Cuyahoga County sheriff's deputy, shows 42-year-old David Chislton attacking his lawyer after learning he was sentenced to 47 years.

Chislton pleaded guilty to domestic violence, arson, assault and cruelty to a pet, according to

He is now facing more charges after the onslaught of Tuesday, according to WKYC, affiliated with Good King News.

Aaron Brockler, Chislton's Lawyer, stood beside his handcuffed client at the sentencing hearing in the courtroom of the Common Court Judge, Nancy Margaret Russo when, he said, everything went black.

"I turned to him because I was getting ready to tell him that I would meet him privately to see if we could do anything to reduce the pain, but even before we could open our mouths, I thought I was going to meet him. I heard a thud, "Brockler told the news station.

David ChisltonCuyahoga County Sheriff's Office

"All I can remember is to be woken up on the floor under the table," he said. He then saw agents above his client, in an attempt to control him.

Brockler was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for a concussion.

"I felt blessed that it was just a broken nose and a concussion," he said. "It could have been avoided, and I hope I took a few shots so no one else would have to."

Administrative Judge John J. Russo of the Court of Common Pleas responded to the altercation in a statement sent Thursday by email, wishing the lawyer a speedy recovery.

"What happened in the 18-C courtroom today is unfortunate and we are grateful to attorney Aaron Brockler for not having been more seriously hurt," says the press release.

The charges against Chislton stem from a long battle between police and police in 2017 after a domestic violence conflict sparked a fire in an apartment complex, causing significant damage and moving several families, according to the WKYC.