A New Jersey priest accused of sexual abuse found shot dead


The allegations against Mr. Capparelli occurred while he was still in the priesthood, but they continued to emerge in the years following his departure from the ministry in 1992. The Star-Ledger, the Newark Newspaper , covered it widely, reporting in 2011 that he had been hired as a math teacher at a public high school in Newark. He later left teaching and settled in Nevada. For several years, Mr. Capparelli exploited a pornographic website featuring young men fighting, reported The Star-Ledger.

Mr. Capparelli had been accused in court proceedings of having twisted teenagers, asking them to fight and photographing them in compromising positions while wearing a swimsuit. He had never been the subject of criminal charges related to allegations nor publicly acknowledged wrongdoing.

One of his accusers, Rich Fitter, said that he had been raped by Mr. Capparelli in adolescence after meeting him as part of an extracurricular Catholic program in Union County. , where the priest ran a wrestling club. Mr Fitter said Mr Capparelli recruited young men "with a certain look" for the club, liaising with them and taking them to the movies or pizza. He forced the boys to fight in Speedo swimsuits, saying they were likely to get caught in a loose cloth and get hurt, Fitter said.

Mr. Fitter, 52, said, "He was watching you taking all those pictures, and he was saying," Let me help you do some movement, "and then he would come out. the carpet with you. "

Over time, Mr. Fitter said the priest "has become more possessive and things have gotten complicated."

"The world is now a better and safer place," said Fitter.

He added, "Part of me is sorry to never get excuses or confessions from him, that what he's done is a mistake. But no one is going to be hurt by it and that's a good thing. "