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Tensions rise as Venezuela blocks border bridge stuck on aid

The Venezuelan opposition leader and self – proclaimed president, Juan Guaido, said last week that Cucuta was one of three collection points for international aid. His move has intensified tensions with the Maduro government, while many in Venezuela are in… Continue Reading →

Tensions are rising, while Venezuela is blocking Colombia's border bridge

The border crossing of Venezuela is blocked while the Venezuelans wait for relief shipments published: February 6, 2019 views: 113 Two tractor trailers remained on the Venezuelan side of the Puente Tienditas border bridge with Colombia in what appears to… Continue Reading →

Granville Bridge halves the number of lanes reserved for cars for the central greenway

Plans for a new, greener, more pedestrian-friendly and cyclist-friendly Granville Bridge are about to materialize, as a report on its so-called new design will be presented to Vancouver City Council in a week. The report, which calls on the council… Continue Reading →

The old Tappan Zee Bridge plunges into the Hudson in a spectacular controlled explosion

It covered the Hudson River for 64 years, but on Tuesday, one of the last remnants of the Tappan Zee Bridge went down in just five seconds. At 10:52, dynamite charges exploded, destroying steel support pillars at each end of… Continue Reading →

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