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Hitman says "Iceman" who murdered British crime chief "Mr Big" trapped by GPS

Hitman who murdered a notorious crime leader surprised by a GPS watch Mark Fellows, a killer also known as "The Iceman", accused of murdering famed crime boss Paul Massey, nicknamed "Mr. Big," in 2015, and his associate John Kinsella three… Continue Reading →

British police tell Prince Philip not to wear seatbelt

British Prince Philip warned by police over seatbelt two days after the accident published: Jan 20, 2019 views: 0 Prince Philip of Britain warned by police about the seat belt, two days after the accident, Prince Philip, 97, received a… Continue Reading →

Labor Party wants "free debate" on British Brexit plan

BrExit: Progress of the UK negotiations on the withdrawal of the EU on 9 January 2019 published: Jan 09, 2019 Views: 87 Context After approving the negotiated withdrawal agreement and the political declaration on the framework of the forthcoming relations… Continue Reading →

British PM can survive non-confidence vote

The Conservative Government of Prime Minister Theresa May narrowly won the censorship vote Wednesday, with the final count being between 325 and 306, according to The Guardian. May said that she was "happy" that the House of Commons has expressed… Continue Reading →

British Parliament holds historic vote rejecting Brexit plan for May

The United Kingdom Parliament met on Tuesday to vote on the plan of British Prime Minister Theresa May, who rejected it by a vote of 432 against only 202 for the agreement, making it one of the biggest common votes… Continue Reading →

British Prime Minister Theresa May suffers catastrophic defeat following a key vote at Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May was beaten Tuesday by a bitter failure, the Parliament overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit agreement with the European Union – a defeat that casts doubt on the future of Brexit and intensifies May's calls for the… Continue Reading →

The British Parliament will vote a vote of censure

LONDON (AP) – Latest news on the UK's exit from the European Union (local hour): 10:15 French President Emmanuel Macron questions the chances of European Union will renegotiate Britain's exit agreement after UK legislators have firmly rejected the UK government's… Continue Reading →

British PM faces defeat in historic vote on Brexit agreement

May RAF plane waiting for its biggest parliamentary defeat since World War II – News Live May RAF plane waiting for its biggest parliamentary defeat since World War II – News Live published: Jan 14, 2019 Views: 27 May RAF… Continue Reading →

Tourists in British Columbia Head to Unlikely Places as Government Closure Continues

In the nation's capital, the partial closure of the government has left tens of thousands of federal public servants closed and tourists excluded from museums. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Here in Washington, DC, today, a snowstorm at the weekend caused the… Continue Reading →

British pound pushes higher after signaling Brexit date may be delayed

David Levenson | Bloomberg | Getty Images Theresa May, British Prime Minister, listens to a question from reporters as she delivers a statement on the Brexit deal at a press conference inside 10 Downing Street at London, UK, Thursday, November… Continue Reading →

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