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The isolation of young people continues despite criticisms in progress

PHILADELPHIA – Marcus Muray was 17 years old when he found himself isolated after an altercation during a riot in a juvenile detention center, he was detained. He was transferred to an adult prison, stripped of his clothes and placed… Continue Reading →

Tourists in British Columbia Head to Unlikely Places as Government Closure Continues

In the nation's capital, the partial closure of the government has left tens of thousands of federal public servants closed and tourists excluded from museums. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Here in Washington, DC, today, a snowstorm at the weekend caused the… Continue Reading →

Canada's air traffic controllers buy American pizza from US counterparts as shutdown continues

Air traffic controllers in Canada have purchased hundreds of pizzas from US air traffic controllers in the past few days to show their support for their counterparts in what is now the longest government stop in the history of the… Continue Reading →

The fertility rate in the United States continues to decline over seven years

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered the mornings of the week. SUBSCRIBE January 10, 2019, 05:53 GMT / Updated January 10, 2019, 1:06 GMT By Linda Carroll and Shamard Charles,… Continue Reading →

As closure continues, government entrepreneurs feel the effects

Catholic Charities helps dozens of federal prisoners reintegrate into society through organization-led programs in Waterbury and Hartford that provide counseling and behavioral care to former inmates and their families. But because of the closure of the federal government, the organization… Continue Reading →

Government ruling continues as both parties question

HOUSTON (FOX 26) – Panel this week: Jessica Colon – Republican Strategist, Nyanza Davis Moore – Lawyer Democratic Political Commentator, Jacob Monty – Republican Lawyer, Antonio Diaz – Writer, Educator and Radio Host Tomaro Bell – Leader of the Super… Continue Reading →

Cyntoia Brown: the clemency campaign continues

At age 30, Brown's fate may be determined by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, who may choose to grant a pardon to Brown before the end of his term on Jan. 19. A US congressional member, several Tennessee lawmakers and a… Continue Reading →

The United States says there is no timetable for the withdrawal from Syria as fighting continues

No deadline for the US withdrawal from Syria, announced the State Department No deadline for the US withdrawal from Syria, announced the State Department published: Jan 05, 2019 views: 0 No delay for US withdrawal from Syria, says state department:… Continue Reading →

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