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Leader of Mexico: the Chapo verdict shows that money can not buy happiness

President of Mexico calls El Chapo a lesson, looks to the future published: February 13, 2019 views: 12 The conviction of drug lord Joaquin & # 39; El Chapo & # 39; Guzman in the United States is a lesson… Continue Reading →

The leader of the Department of the Interior puts forward a policy favoring his former client

A Westland spokesman, Johnny Amaral, declined the invitation to interview district officials. If the protections on the fish were lifted, the Westlands would not be the only beneficiaries: water would also flow into the surrounding river districts. But due to… Continue Reading →

The leader of Turkey attends funeral, visits the collapse of the building

What has become of the Ottoman dynasty in exile? published: 07 Jul 2018 views: 333 The Osmanoğlu family refers to the current members of the historical house of Osman (the Ottoman dynasty), who were the sole rulers and namesake of… Continue Reading →

Jeff Bezos accuses the national leader of "extortion and blackmail"

SEATTLE – Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, on Thursday accused the owner of The National Enquirer of attempting "extortion and blackmail" to stop his investigation of how his messages private and his photos with his mistress had been disclosed…. Continue Reading →

Albert J. Dunlap, a prominent leader known as Chainsaw Al, dies at age 81

Albert J. Dunlap, a hard-working leader whose drive to turn struggling companies into firing workers and shutting down plants has earned him the nickname of Chainsaw Al, but whose career ended with a Accounting scandal, was extinguished on January 25… Continue Reading →

Maduro threatens prison leader Venezuela's opposition leader

The envoy of the Venezuelan opposition meets American senators published: February 4, 2019 views: 68 (January 30, 2019) SUMMARY LIMITATION: ONLY AP CUSTOMERS Associated press – AP-CUSTOMERS ONLY Washington, D.C. – January 30, 2019 1. Senators of the United States… Continue Reading →

Colombia Farc: Dissident leader Rodrigo Cadete killed in military operation

Breaking News – Colombia assassinated dissident rebellious leader Farc published: 03 Feb 2019 views: 0 Colombia Farc: Dissident leader Rodrigo Cadete killed in military operation The Colombian army says it killed one of the leaders of a faction of Farc… Continue Reading →

Venezuelan opposition leader in police: leave my family alone

CARACAS, Venezuela – The Venezuelan opposition leader challenged Nicolas Maduro's claim to the presidency, warned officers of a feared state security unit Thursday to stay away from his family after accusing them of coming to his apartment in a tense… Continue Reading →

Opposition leader Tells Prime Minister to exclude & # 39; No-Deal & # 39; -Brexit at meeting

British faction leader Jeremy Corbyn says he told Prime Minister Theresa May "not to bring back a deal to Parliament "in their long-awaited personal meeting about Brexit, BBC News reported. Corbyn said it was "not acceptable" for May to stop… Continue Reading →

Venezuela sees more protests as steps against opposition leader Juan Guaido deepen the crisis

New protests broke out Wednesday in Venezuela in the aftermath of a move by the highest court in the country to freeze bank accounts and impose a travel ban on self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido. Supporters of opposition leader Guaido… Continue Reading →

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