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Overnight Energy: Greens Angry about Trump & # 39; s Border Wall plans Court rejects case of access pipeline Dakota | Lyft jumps in the legal battle of car emissions

GREENS ANGRY ABOUT TRUMP & # 39; S Boundary Declaration: Environmental groups are hammering on President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump appoints ambassador to Turkey Trump leads to Mar-a-Lago after signing bill to end Good King News, MSNBC to air ad rejected… Continue Reading →

EU votes in support of a plan to stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Russia

Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline explained – TomoNews published: January 14, 2019 views: 1010 GERMANY / RUSSIA – Russia and Germany are planning to build an energy pipeline that will bypass Ukraine, according to DW. SOURCES: RT, DW, Nord-Stream 2… Continue Reading →

PGE repairs gas pipeline, works on restoration after gas explosion in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – PGE is working to restore gas to 300 customers after the explosion and fire of Wednesday in the Jordan Park neighborhood in San Francisco. PGE says that repairs to the gas distribution line have been completed,… Continue Reading →

In Mexico, the horror of a fire in a pipeline reaches 85 dead

Interested in Mexico? Add Mexico to stay up-to-date with the latest news, video and Mexican analytics published by ABC News. City residents where a gasoline explosion killed at least 85 people said that the stretch of pipeline where the fuel… Continue Reading →

Mexican pipeline kills 73 people and leaves a nightmare

Video of the explosion of a pipeline in Mexico that killed at least 73 people published: Jan 20, 2019 Views: 94 Video sequence on the explosion of a Mexican pipeline that killed at least 73 people. A huge fire erupted… Continue Reading →

A pipeline explosion in Mexico kills 20 and dozens burned

Gerardo Perez returned Saturday to the burnt ground in central Mexico, where he had seen an illegal pipeline tap turn off to see if he could recognize missing friends. He could not. Only a handful of leftovers still had skin…. Continue Reading →

At least 21 people killed and dozens of others injured in the explosion of a gasoline pipeline in Mexico

At least 74 people were injured, including seven under 18 and 12, Fayad said. He added that some minors would be transferred to the Shriners Children's Hospital in Galveston, Texas. Alejandro Gertz Manero, Attorney General of Mexico, said Saturday night… Continue Reading →

Pipeline explodes after explosive explosion in Mexico, killing 21 people

A gas pipeline in the Mexican state of Hidalgo exploded Friday night, killing at least 21 people in an attack that authorities said was caused by a tap used illegally to steal fuel. Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgo, m said… Continue Reading →

The explosion of a pipeline in Mexico left 21 dead and dozens wounded

Multimedia playback is not supported on your device Media legendThe alleged fuel thieves were blamed for breaking the pipeline Mexican authorities estimate at 66 the number of people killed in Friday night's oil pipeline explosion, causing even more casualties. It… Continue Reading →

The number of victims of the explosion of a pipeline in Mexico raises to 66

Aerial view of the explosion of a Mexican pipeline killing at least 20 people published: Jan 19, 2019 Views: 185 Aerial view of the explosion of a Mexican pipeline that killed at least 20 people. A massive fire broke out… Continue Reading →

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