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Sri Lanka wants Tamil refugees to return & # 39;

At 76 Austin Fernando, a veteran of the Sri Lankan bureaucracy, is perhaps the oldest to hold the post of High Commissioner in India. During his visit to Chennai to get first-hand knowledge of the situation regarding Tamil refugees, he… Continue Reading →

Australians who helped rescue Thai cave boys asked Bahraini soccer refugees

By Alison Bevege | Reuters SYDNEY – Two Australian divers who helped twelve Thai boys and their football coach save from a flooded cave, wrote to the Thai prime minister to ask for the release of a Bahraini footballer with… Continue Reading →

Refugees hope for solutions when African leaders gather in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Leaders from across the continent are present in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to participate in an African Union (AU) summit, hoping to find a solution to the displacement crisis facing the continent. The atmosphere in… Continue Reading →

96 days later, non-stop religious service to protect refugees finally ends

It was one of the longest religious ceremonies ever recorded, lasting more than three months and bringing together nearly 1,000 pastors and priests. But Wednesday afternoon, the Dutch Church's 96-day non-stop vigil finally ended after its organizers received confirmation that… Continue Reading →

Few migrants and refugees crossing the Meditteranean in 2018: UNHCR report

A desperate search for a safer life that ends too often in death. Europe sees fewer migrants trying to reach its coasts, but the danger is not reduced. The mortality rate averages a staggering six people per day, according to… Continue Reading →

Lebanon uses Arab summit to call for return of Syrian refugees

France – Lebanese leader exiled published: Jul 21, 2015 Views: 667 T / I: 10:17:37 French police on Tuesday surrounded (21/5) the house of the Lebanese leader in exile, Michel Aoun, to prevent him from going to Strasbourg to address… Continue Reading →

The sea has come to us: Syrian refugees are hardest hit by the "worst storm" in Lebanon

"The water was going from tent to tent, we kept moving from one room to the other until I could not take it anymore." I did send the children elsewhere, "recalls Kassaf. He spent the night soaked in his bed… Continue Reading →

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