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Trump promises not to offer "amnesty" after right-wing critics have criticized DACA and the GST extension offer

President Donald Trump reacted after being criticized by right-wing experts who tried to allow DACA and TPS immigrants to stay in the United States for three years, claiming that "amnesty" does not exist. was not on the table. " "No,… Continue Reading →

Right-wing European governments launch plan to recapture EU with anti-immigration "axis"

Hungarian PM discusses migration crisis in Bulgaria published: Nov 16, 2016 Views: 247 (Jan 29, 2016) SUMMARY OF RESTRICTION: CLIENTS AP ONLY AP TELEVISION – CLIENTS AP ONLY Sofia, Bulgaria – January 29, 2016 1. Various shots of Hungarian Prime… Continue Reading →

Jewish terror charges against Palestinians attract right-wing Israelis

As they approached the Zaatara checkpoint, south of Nablus, Yacoub heard someone shout "Arabs!" Suddenly, a stone squeezed into their car. "I looked at her and saw her face and head full of blood," Aisha's husband, CNN Yacoub Rabi, told… Continue Reading →

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