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UK PM urges Tory MPs to support the Brexit deal

Theresa May defends planned Brexit deal – BBC News published: November 15, 2018 views: 70602 Theresa May says that the UK will be free to enter into trade agreements with other partners around the world. "This goes far beyond the… Continue Reading →

Minister says that he & # 39; irresponsible & # 39; Brexit no-deal will not support

Theresa May continues to close her Brexit deal! published: February 15, 2019 views: 4621 How long can Theresa keep trying to push this corpse of a dead hair on an ever steeper slope? PLEASE SUPPORT MY YOUTUBE WORK ON PATRON:… Continue Reading →

Renault scraps Ghosn & # 39; s 30 million euro parachute with government support

The ex-wife of the president of Nissan explains that all narcissists lie and abuse behind closed doors & # 39; The ex-wife of the president of Nissan explains that all narcissists lie and abuse behind closed doors & # 39;… Continue Reading →

Australian lawmakers support medical evacuation of offshore detainees

SYDNEY, Australia – The Australian Parliament on Wednesday passed a restrictive law allowing some asylum-seekers detained in remote Pacific islands to seek treatment in Australia, from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who strongly disagreed to this extent. Under the Australian Sea… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump rally today: watch live stream while Donald Trump in El Paso, Texas, gathers to support support for his livestream for the boundary wall

The border town of El Paso in Texas became a focal point of the nation's controversial debate on immigration, Monday evening, when President Trump and former Democratic congressman Beto O & # 39; Rourke, a potential challenger of 2020, held… Continue Reading →

Trump objects measure the ending US support for Saudi's in Yemen's war

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration threatened Monday to veto an attempt at the US Congress to end the US military support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemeni war, and to keep up with lawmakers about the policy regarding… Continue Reading →

When parents sue their children for support

Abu Taher says his son has always been a "good kid". For years, Mr. Taher ran a small clothing store in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He retired with little money and became dependent on his son and daughter for financial support. "My… Continue Reading →

Tamkeen evaluates Enterprise Development, Training and Wage Support programs

Manama, February 10 (BNA): Tamkeen & # 39; s Chief Executive. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi confirmed that Tamkeen is currently working on the renewal of the Enterprise Development Program and the training and pay support programs, in line with his efforts… Continue Reading →

Justin Fairfax risks losing support to Democrats after new accuser

A second woman said Friday she was sexually assaulted by Lt.-Gov. Justin E. Fairfax of Virginia, exacerbating a week-long political crisis in the country and urging the biggest Democrats to demand Fairfax's resignation. The woman, Meredith Watson, accused Mr. Fairfax… Continue Reading →

Volunteers ready for US support for Venezuela while Maduro digs

Break news e-mails Receive news reports and special reports. The news and the stories that matter are delivered on weekday mornings. REGISTER 10 February 2019, 1:40 AM GMT / Updated 10 February 2019, 8:22 GMT From Associated Press CÚCUTA, Colombia… Continue Reading →

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