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Thousands of caravan migrants are seeking temporary asylum in Mexico; some are trying to return to the United States

Thousands of migrants from Central America, many of whom are natives Honduras, accept Mexico with its offer of temporary asylum and work visas. Mexican immigration officials said Sunday that 3,691 people associated with various caravans of migrants are registered for… Continue Reading →

The indignation in the United States while the Trump administration is mistaken during the MLK day

The administration of President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been criticized for distorting the values ​​for which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the US civil rights leader, has beaten, while the commemorated the 90th anniversary of the US… Continue Reading →

United States calls on Russia to destroy new missile system

Russia tests new hypersonic nuclear missile | NBC Nightly News Published: Dec. 27 2018 Views: 17891 Russia said the new missile system, one of the new weapons announced by Putin in March, was very manageable, allowing it to easily evade… Continue Reading →

United flight diverted to the military base, passengers spent hours stuck in the plane

Passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 179, from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey to Hong Kong International Airport, were confronted with multiple nightmares that night. First, a medical emergency caused an unplanned landing at a military base in Canada… Continue Reading →

Winter storm threatens 115 million snow and ice people in the United States

More than 100 million people are under surveillance, warning or warning in the event of a winter storm from Missouri to Maine. The snow accumulated Saturday morning in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. Chicago could see 9 inches of snow by… Continue Reading →

National Meteorological Service says travel will be "almost impossible" in the United States

If anyone in the Eastern United States has travel plans this weekend, he may just want to stay home, as Harper's winter storm suffers from intense cold weather. and dozens of centimeters of snow in the northeast and the midwest… Continue Reading →

United States discuss possible missile defense cooperation with India

The United States is closely monitoring India's plan to buy the S 400 air defense system from Russia published: Apr 1, 2018 Views: 1586 The United States said it had discussed with India a recently enacted US law that could… Continue Reading →

The United States refuses to discuss the detention of an Iranian TV presenter

The United States will withdraw from the missile treaty after the failure of the Russian talks

United States withdraws from intermediate-range nuclear pact United States withdraws from intermediate-range nuclear pact published: Oct 22, 2018 Views: 892 美 "전력 조약 탈퇴 " … 냉전 우려 US President Donald Trump ends a historic arms control agreement signed with… Continue Reading →

United States Air Traffic Controllers work unpaid during the shutdown. Canada's privatized air traffic control system prevents them from consuming free pizza.

One of the most interesting stories today concerns Canadian air traffic controllers who send pizzas to their US counterparts and work without pay for the 24 days of partial closure of the federal government. Pizza deliveries began last Thursday when… Continue Reading →

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