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The "NewsGuard" app gives news ratings "confidence" and targets alternative media. What could go wrong?

Another day, another effort to fight the "false news" online. This time, it's NewsGuard, a new application claiming to help defend against "disinformation" by adding "trust rankings" to news sites. But can we trust the application itself? Color coded system… Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Trump-Russia dossier: What is right, wrong and still uncertain?

The 35-page controversies of intelligence memos written by retired British spy Christopher Steele paint a picture of a widespread conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. For the Democrats and the critics of President Donald Trump, the documents… Continue Reading →

A new study indicates that millions of Americans are wrong to have food allergies

Even though food allergies have become a serious concern, a new study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open indicates that nearly half of people who think they have one, are not really allergic, according to Gizmodo. According to… Continue Reading →

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