LIVE – Griveaux gives up: Piotr Pavlenski's lawyer announces that his client "is ready to confront"


Piotr Pavlenski's lawyer defends his client with hooly News, declaring that he sees Benjamin Griveaux's positions as "tartufferie". Noting the discrepancy between "his speeches and his use of his private image in the media (…) on the one hand, and on the other hand, an attitude that had nothing to do with the words he used , loyalty, family etc ", he considered then that the candidate" was exposed to risks ".

In addition, Juan Branco justifies this publication by the political opinion of the Russian artist. Opposing the Russian regime, he "considers that the Macron regime is becoming more and more the Poutinian regime". "For him, this first step which is the creation of this website which hosted this video aims to send a very strong signal in the face of, once again, a regime which, according to him, is in full swing."

As for possible legal proceedings, Juan Branco ensures that his client is "ready to confront Benjamin Griveaux before any court".