Love drove them to Ariège: they have since fallen in love with the department

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Who says Valentine's Day, says celebration of love … A commercial event for some, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in sometimes atypical love stories, with Ariège as a backdrop.

With 500 to 550 marriages celebrated a year in Ariège, ringing your finger is still in fashion. But at a time of sometimes extreme mobility, the time seems far away when couples formed near the town where they were born. Only four out of ten married couples marry in their department of birth, reports the INSEE.

The opportunity finally for non-Ariège people to come and find love here, in Ariège, and at the same time quench their love at first sight for the territory. Summary of the love stories you have entrusted to us.

Laurent, fallen in love with "Joce", Foix and the surrounding area

Chance often does things right, says the adage. In an internet era, it was through a matchmaking agency that Jocelyne and Laurent ended up meeting in 2014. The latter, a restaurateur in Toulouse and a former soldier, had spent many years on the roads of Europe and Africa. Adventures, he had them. But at the age of forty, it is to the great love that he yearns for.

Jocelyne has lived in Ariège since childhood and works in personal service. The two lived a first life on their side, and are parents of children who have grown up.

"I decided to join an agency but after a year, I still hadn't received a profile. So I went to see them and I was offered to choose from a list. There was no photo, just a phone number. I contacted "Joce" because she, like me, had a name of Italian origin. I knew then that she had already tried to call me several times, but I had changed my phone number in the meantime, "says Laurent.

"I had met a few people before him, but it didn't really match. Chance wanted Laurent to call me back when I was no longer expecting it, "recalls the Ariégeoise.

The future couple then decides to meet halfway at Auterive. The current immediately passes and after an exchange of kisses, they move up a gear.

An unusual marriage proposal

Three months later during a walk through the streets of Figueras, Laurent, already convinced that "Joce" is the woman of his life, kneels and asks for marriage, under the surprised and moved look of the passers-by. "We weren't living together yet, we were still getting to know each other. I didn't take it completely seriously but the worst part was that I said yes right away! Exclaims the new fiancée.

Tired of being away from his beauty and urban life, the romantic husband decides to set up his business in the city of the county. It will be a downtown salad bar with only fresh produce and locally produced meat. It was then that his wife finally transmitted the Ariège virus to him.

“I literally fell in love with Foix and the surrounding area. The people are very friendly, less stressed than in Toulouse, and the region is splendid. Often, tourists at the store tell me that I am a branch of the tourist office! "
Among their favorite places: Ax-les-Thermes. castles, caves … "The first times I took him for a walk, he was like a kid with bright eyes," recalls Jocelyne. What we like is taking the car and going in any direction across the back roads. We come across corners of unexpected beauty… There are thousands of things to see, we discover them every day! "

Grandparents recently, their plan for the future can be summed up in a few words: "take care of each other and make our love last as long as possible." "

A united family in Couserans

Jessica, Germain, and their little family

Jessica, Germain, and their little family
                                    – DR

In 2006, Jessica fell in love with Germain, the man of her life. She then lives in the Toulouse suburbs and settled in Massat, where he is from.

"We met through a mutual friend, because we were both taking nursing exams … and we fell in love. For 4 years I went back and forth between Massat and Tulle in Corrèze, where I was doing my nursing school. I then spent many weekends and holidays in Massat. My darling also came during these rests! At the end of my studies it was obvious that I joined him in Ariège and I applied to the Saint-Girons hospital where I worked from 2010 to 2017 before settling down as a liberal in Massat. "

From this beautiful union are born two little Ariège: Celia, born in 2013 and Hugo in 2018.

The former Toulousaine has adapted well to her new region and is part of the festival committee, delegated by the parents of pupils and even wears the traditional costume of the Liadoures in Massat, the same one in which they now parade throughout the Couserans.

Jessica and Germain

Jessica and Germain
                                    – DR

Marion's love at first sight

Marion and Maxime

Marion and Maxime
                                    – DR

"I am originally from Montpellier, and I met my spouse who is Ariégeois there during our studies. When he introduced me to his parents when I first came to Ariège (it was February 11, 2018. It had snowed the next day) and I passed the Foix tunnel, I told him that I wanted to live here ! We hadn't been together for so long, I went home and packed up. We looked for a house and three months later we moved to Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat. Since then, I get up in the morning facing the mountains, I contemplate the sun setting on the sunflowers or lighting up on the snow-capped mountains, pure happiness! I’ve been enjoying every day since I’ve been here and the man is happy to have found his green countryside again. "

Géraldine and Moussa, an infinite love

Géraldine and Moussa.

Géraldine and Moussa.
                                    – DDM – Véronique Delamarche

This particularly close-knit and loving couple celebrates their 17th Valentine's Day on February 14, 2020. And yet … Nothing predestined this young 22 year old woman from Arignac, where her parents still reside, and this young Burkinabé one year older, to meet at Tarascon station, on this unforgettable March 28, 2003.

Moussa had just arrived in France and, working in Tarascon, was going to take the train which brought him back to Pamiers. "It was like in a movie," smiles Géraldine tenderly. I went to the station to find the brother of a friend who was unable to attend. When I saw him, I recognized him as my soul mate. We have never left since: six months after we moved in together and on January 17, 2004, I married him at the town hall of Arignac. "

"The first time I met her, I immediately knew that Géraldine was the woman of my life, modestly slides the colossus into the heart of gold. She is an authentic person, so different from the other girls I had seen! My dream of moving to the United States, where my family lives, has vanished in his eyes. It was she who made me love Ariège and make me feel good there. "

"Our 16 years of marriage have been very busy: laughter, tears, but above all a lot of love and bonding," says Géraldine with emotion. We are more than a couple, we are a duo in which we support each other, we face adversity. "Indeed, if the beginnings were sometimes very rough, Moussa, of a particularly kind and pleasant nature but also solid and reliable, has now made a place for himself in Ariège. His playful character ended up winning the hearts of the most hermetic. It is in their flirtatious Fuxean house that the sweet brunette lady and her "man", will celebrate Valentine's Day, enjoying in the privacy of their two adorable "chamoureux", Ulysse and Curtis.

Logan, fruit of the love of Anna and Yohan

Anna, Yohan and their little Logan

Anna, Yohan and their little Logan
                                    – DR

Anna, 22: “I was born in Foix, and Yohan was born in Manosque. He settled in Aude in 2012, and, after meeting me in 2017, he came to Ariège in Rieux-de-Pelleport. He fell in love with Ariège and its beautiful landscapes! Logan, little Ariégeois-Manosquin, was born from this union 6 and a half months ago »

Jean-Pierre, 58 years old: "Caroline and Ariège, my most beautiful fireworks"

Jean-Pierre and Caroline

Jean-Pierre and Caroline
                                    – DR

Jean-Pierre: "I'm Normand but my wife is from Suc-et-Sentenac. She studied in the Paris region. This is where I met her in 1980. We got married in 1983, and we returned to Ariège in 2013. I fell in love with your country immediately. I was running everywhere. People are nice. And the landscape … it was a postcard! When I saw the mentality, great. Already, I am a nature lover! With Caroline in addition, it’s my best fireworks. ” When I return to the Paris region, I speak of here as a paradise. ”

Jean-Luc: "I'm too good here"

“I left work and friends to follow the woman I love in Mirepoix 16 years ago and we got married in 2011. I love Ariège and Mirepoix, yet my family is 1,000 kilometers away, but for nothing in the world I would move. I'm too good here and I love my wife very much "

Patricia: "I'm very lucky"

“I was born in Toulouse and for a long time I went back and forth to find my darling who lives in Bonnac. For the past year, I have lived in this pretty village and we have a common passion: the hunting of wild boars that we practice in the Siguer valley. My quality of life has changed and I feel very lucky to be so close to nature where I can exercise my passion for animal photography for my pleasure! "

Annie: "I slammed everything to come"

"I myself settled in early September, I am new and I fell in love with Ariège. I clicked everything to come and live in this magnificent region. I got to know it thanks to my companion who "is not from there. But he knows very well because his family lives in Occitania. So really love at first sight to have left family, child (20 years) and job. Long live the Ariège !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ "

Vanina: "It's only happiness"

"I fell in love with an Ariégeois on August 12, 2011 (Yannick) which was mutual. It took time to realize our dream, after a year 600 km from each other: living together at 7, he, his 2 children, me and my 3 children …. a move to Ariège, a marriage, a child between the two of us. And in 2020, almost 9 years later, I can say that happiness to live all these happy moments, at 8, in Ariège. "

Loïc: "I am constantly discovering"

"Originally from Perpignan, in a relationship with an Ariégeoise since 2011, settled in Ariège in 2016 with the purchase of real estate in the village where my wife grew up … I am constantly discovering this magnificent department."